Family members concern about the whereabouts of their relative, Margaret Juah Tor who is believed to have been on said bus

Families Of Those Onboard Ghanaian Bus Crashed With 15 Dead, Others Injured, Concern Whereabouts Of Relatives

Family members concern about the whereabouts of their relative, Margaret Juah Tor who is believed to have been on said bus

Following report from the Ghanaian media outlets last May of a tragic motor accident which resulting to the death of fifteen persons and several others injured

at Gomoa Okyereko in the Central Region when an Accra-bound Yutong bus and a fuel tanker with the registration number WR 2063-10 collided, Liberia families who relatives were onboard are concerned about the whereabouts of their respective relatives.

Since the incident took place and was reported by the GNN-Liberia via the Ghanian media, dozens of Liberians whose relatives were reportedly onboard on this bus have been calling on the management of this platform to assist them get information about the whereabouts of their relatives who were on said bus.

One of the relatives who preferred not to be named, but concerned about the whereabouts of his niece who was also onboard said vehicle, like dozens speaking said his niece only identified as Margaret Juah Tor who usually travel to Accra for business purposes was also onboard said bus which departed Liberia for Ghana.

Explaining further via mobile phone said his niece called him before departing Liberia, and also before crossing the Ivorian/Liberian boarder also called him via mobile phone letting him know that shortly her mobile phone courage was going to be out, due to the location.

Another Liberian who declared also not to be named on Saturday, June 3, 2023, said his daughter was onboard said bus, and appealed to the GNN-Liberia management to kindly use its platform in getting more information about those who were reportedly involved in the accident, stressing that since the accident the whereabouts of his daughter is yet to be known.

Another picture of Margaret Juah Tor family members concern about her whereabourt

However, unconfirmed source from Accra, Ghana has hinted that even though the accident took place leaving several dead, many those who survived such tragic accident reportedly lost their mobile phones in process, this our source said making it difficult to reach their respective families back home, Liberia.

Our source also hinted that those who have died remains have been deposited at the morgue of the Winneba Specialist and Trauma Hospital.  However, efforts are been mounted to get the listing of those who were onboard the bus.

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    This is where any serious government can come in on behalf of its citizens.
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