Donald Trump’s Approval Rating Has Never Averaged Above 50 Percent During 18 Months as President

By Jason Le Miere | Newsweek |

President Donald Trump this week celebrated, with the help of his own graphic, garnering the approval of 50 percent of the United States, as indicated by a new poll in which 49 percent of respondents disapproved of his performance. It may appear a slightly underwhelming achievement to highlight but approval ratings have offered Trump precious little to tout since he arrived in the White House.

Indeed, in his now18 months in office, Trump has yet to average an approval rating above 50 percent.

The poll Trump shared Thursday was from Rasmussen Reports, which was given only a C+ accuracy rating by FiveThirtyEight and was found to have a 1.5 point mean-reverted bias toward Republicans. Rasmussen has consistently reported higher approval ratings for Trump than any other major polling company.

Source: Newsweek

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