DNA Political Leader, William Tuider Vows To Support To Any Candide Who Emerge Winner

The Standard Bearer of the Democratic National Allegiance (DNA), William Tuider, has vowed to support a candidate who believes in justice and the rule of law.

has assured his partisans and the country that his party will not remain neutral if there is a run-off in the Liberian presidency.

Addressing a news conference Monday, October 16, 2023, in Monrovia, Tuider disclosed plans to accept and work with any candidate elected as President ahead of the final results from the National Elections Commissions.

The Democratic National Allegiance political leader stated that he will not remain neutral if there is a run-off, assuring of his commitment to support the would-be winner.

The DNA noted that assuming the election goes for a run-off, he said the party and its executive will not settle for less when the decision arises for endorsement of any of the two candidates that will qualify for the run-off.

Tuider also emphasized that his commitment to the people of Liberia extends beyond electoral outcomes, and that he will continue to fight for their interests, regardless of the electoral process.

Tuider, who did not publicly concede defeat, further congratulated the thousands of Liberians who turned out in their numbers on October 10, 2023 to cast their ballots in a peaceful manner, something he said has shown to the world that Liberia’s democracy is maturing by the day.

He at the same time called on the National Elections Commission (NEC) to ensure that the will of the people is respected, cautioning, “Now that the process is done with, let the right thing be done and that is whosoever wins this election, whether old or young, let the choice of the Liberian people be respected.”

“I also want to send this warning that war destroyed our country and 250,000 people were killed, and ever since then, we have not recovered. Therefore, if anyone or any group of people feel that they can take these elections for the sake of power and incites violence in this country, we will use our international community connection and prosecute those involved to the letter,” he said.

According to him, if it will cost them their lives and commitment, they will certainly do it, stressing, “And I, Williams Tuider, am very serious about this. And to all of the Presidential candidates that did not make it to the top, including myself, I say thank you for your participation.”

Meanwhile, the DNA Standard Bearer called on all of his colleagues, as well as the citizenry, to resist any form of violence, coupled with protecting the votes of the citizens.

He also vowed to reach out to all political party leaders who did not make it to top, in the coming days, to collectively send out a unified message and warning to those he described as potential criminals, who might intend to thwart the will of the citizenry.

Meanwhile, the party viewed the just ended elections as peaceful and one that constitutes the views and aspirations of vast majority of the ordinary people.

In another development, Mr. Tuider said the votes accumulated by candidate Edward Appleton in the Presidential race, has become a surprise to not only his fellow candidates but the Liberian people.

However, as the country eagerly awaits the final results and the possibility of a run-off, the focus now remains on the defeated presidential candidates for their next steps and the potential consequences of their decisions in any would-be run-off, as it might shape the future trajectory of Liberian politics.

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