Despite His Numerous Criticisms On The CDC-Led Gov’t, Samuel Jackson Descends, endorses Weah 2023 Presidential bid.

Liberia Economist, Samuel Jackson

Hundreds of Liberians who once considered one of Liberia respected economist, Samuel Jackson, not the American movie star (Samuel Jackson) for his political objectiveness in handling national issues say they are bewildered and disappointed in his recent stance to endorse the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah in his second term 2023 presidential bid.

Reflecting on his previous criticisms in the local media, and also posted on social media they said the Liberian economist, Samuel Jackson a months ago, was one of the fiercest critics of current the government using the Social Media and local radio stations, lambasting many of its economic and political policies as well as its track record since its came to power in January 2018.

Speaking with the state radio, ELBC early this week, the Liberian economist said his decision followed a long period of discussion with family and friends and “in analysis of the current political circumstances of our country” that the hopes and aspirations of millions of Liberians are pinned on the success of this government, and since I don’t see anything substantial coming from the other side, it’s best to deal with reforms of the current system instead of going for disruption in 2023”.

Making his intention known via the media on June 7, 2021, justified his unexpected move, the tough-talking Jackson said he has in recent time seen positive changes in the government such as “going to the United States and trying to repair relationship with that country and trying to repair relationship with the Liberian diaspora. I see them undertaking county [citizens’ engagement] tours which is a good way of relating to the people of the country”.

Jackson also explained that his opinion has nothing absolutely to do with his contribution to his country and people.

“I opposed Charles Taylor for the first five years but worked for him in the last 18 months of his administration; I opposed Samuel Doe and worked for Samuel Doe and I opposed the Tolbert regime and I worked for the Tolbert regime”, Jackson recalled.

Commenting on the opposition, the largest bloc of which is the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Jackson said “their mission is ambiguous and their organization is dishevelled and I don’t see a platform put together to overcome the development challenges the country is faced with today.

His message on his endorsement for President third term bid said, “This is not the first time. Over the last 40 years I’ve seen successive governments and their tone deaf collaborators make mindless errors in governance and attempt to cover their transgressions with force.

They were replaced by a stronger force. I arrived in Liberia on December 31, 1978 to take up my position as Deputy Comptroller at the Ministry of Finance. I saw tension in the air.

I warned people in the government that the country was on the brink of implosion.

They laughed me off and said Tolbert had the tools and forces to dismantle the opposition.

On April 14, the police used brute force to stop a legal assembly of protesters. They killed over 200 people. Rioting ensued.

The city of Monrovia was looted and destroyed.

A year later Tolbert was disembowelled in his bedroom at the Executive Mansion.

I saw his lifeless torso less body.

In the 1980s I warned the Doe administration that human rights violations and stealing of the 1985 election would require a response from the population.

His handlers said with SATU and the army Doe would stay in power.

He was brutally murdered in September of 1990. In 1992 one of his killers placed his skull in my palm.

He kept it as a memento.

In 2002 I warned Taylor that negotiation with LURD and MODEL would be the best option.

The suggestion was viewed as treacherous.

Eddington Varmah the Justice Minister was telling officials that LURD was penetrating and deemed unstoppable.

He was rebuffed. On August 11, 2003 Taylor was driven out of Liberia with his supporters crying uncontrollably.

The same ones crying were the same people telling him he was invincible. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was different.

She was smart to understand that we all opposition and GOL had to live together peaceably.

Tweah and McGill and other CDCians worked in her government. Human rights violation was minimal.

We all had opportunities to enjoy some benefits of our economy.

I made damn good money even as I railed against bogus concession agreements.

The George Weah administration is engaged in monstrosities.

Gross human right violations.

Rampant corruption.

16 billion

25 million

49 condos

48 million Corona virus funding.

Add 4 unexplained deaths in a span of weeks.

Under these circumstances supporters of the regime pay deaf ears to cries from the public or seek to stupidly and recklessly defend these actions.

No justice
No peace

Jorweah is making Liberia ripe for insurrection.

I can hear the chatter.

I hear the frustrations.

Be warned, George Weah cannot stay in power as long as human rights violations and suspicious deaths take place.

I know his supporters will say I’m calling for war.

To the contrary, I’m calling for peace. Peace from the Weah administration. His supporters should not pay deaf ears to the legitimate grievances of the population.

God bless Liberia,” he ended.

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