Death toll rises as China uses satellites to evacuate people after deadly earthquake

Rescue mission continues amid rain forecast, with 74 killed, over 2 dozen missing

Riyaz ul Khaliq   |

ISTANBUL –  China put into use at least 10 satellites to evacuate people following the deadly earthquake on Monday.

Officials in southwestern Sichuan province of China also revealed that the death toll climbed to 74 in the deadliest earthquake in the region since 2017.

Authorities are intensifying rescue operations amid a forecast of showers in the region on Wednesday.

The country also used around 10 satellites from its Gaofen series to help with relief work by capturing photos of the quake-hit areas 10 minutes after the earthquake.

According to China Earthquake Networks Center, the quake hit Luding County in the Garze Tibetan Autonomous region at a depth of 16 kilometers (9 miles) on Monday.

Minor aftershocks are still rattling many areas around Luding County.

Chinese public broadcaster CGTN reported at least 26 people were still missing while 259 people were injured and are being treated.

More than 50,000 people were relocated to safer places.

The Chinese authorities mobilized thousands of rescuers, including several columns of the People’s Liberation Army, for rescue and relief operations.

They used helicopters and boats to rescue people while supplying food and hot soups to the people trapped in the region.

Many people in Sichuan province lined up at local health centers to donate blood for the injured.

The earthquake damaged more than 300 communication base stations and 134 kilometers (83 miles) of optic fibers while electricity was also cut off in many areas.

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