Crisis Hit Traditional Council Of Liberia, Chief In Nimba County Complains Of Failure To Its People

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County |

Chief Franklin D. Toweh

A member of the Traditional Council of Liberia, Franklin D. Toweh, one of the sons of the late Chief Gblozoe Tweh says the Council is operating illegally in the country, noting that the act that created it is being breached since the 2006 election that brought the current leadership headed by Chief Zanzan Kawa to power.

Chief Franklin D. Toweh in an exclusive interview with the GNN in the County over the weekend noted that since 2006 to 2012 when the act that created the council was established there has been no election for the council, while the current leadership has what he claimed refused to hole election.

He then said that the chief and elder counsel is headed by paramount chiefs not Zoes and that chief Zanzan Kawa is a Zoe not a chief, and has deliberately refused to hand over power which Tweh noted has created huge burden for the council to be effective, and further termed the council of Liberia as a total disaster and a recipe to bring down the traditional face of the country.

Concluding, Chief Tweh claimed that he could be the only person who is suitable for the post of the chief council of Liberia as he has contested against Zanzan Kawa and lost in 2006.

Chief Tweh alleged that he was bewitched and lost his sight by people he claimed he named as the current Traditional Council leader, and and Senator Prince Johnson, whom he described as his own friend.

Effort by this outlet to contact both Chief Kawa and Senator Prince Johnson to verify allegation leveled against them that they are the cause of him losing his sight proved unsuccessful.

the blame ct both Chief Zanzan Kawa

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