Crisis At Barshall University College, The Inside Story

The dust of accusation and counter accusation on the campus of one of Liberia’s newest Tertiary educational institution, the Barshall University College located in the commercial district of ‘Red Light’, Paynesville has drawn the attention of anindependent journalist to gather details of this issue.

The Barshall University College which was established two years ago (2016) and accredited by the National Commission on Higher Education was recently hit the newsstand, when its President, Rev. Dr. Israel C. Obiasogu services to the University was terminated by the Board of trustees on grounds that his behaviors was ‘ Unbecoming and undermining the objectives of the University’.

In order to ascertain the facts about this drama between the ‘dismissed President,’ Rev. Dr. Obiasogu and the Board of Trustees of the University with throwing of accusations and counter accusations in the media, this writer took up time to visit all points of concern, including the campus of the University and the headquarters of the Liberia National Police where Rev. Dr. Obiasogu was earlier complained by his former employer.

It was gathered that the complainant (The Board of Trustees of the University) and the accused (Dr. Obiasogu) had earlier appeared before the police regarding the allegation leveled against the University’s former President. Our source at the LNP said both parties are expected to appear on Friday, November 30, 2018.

Speaking on a local radio station early this week, Dr. Obiasogu accused his former employer, the Barshall University College of several counts including the mismanagement of the University’s funds, and that the University was operating illegally, the payment of fees by students into his personal account and other allegations against have been denied.

Provisional Permit from the National Commission On Higher Education to The University

Speaking further, Dr. Obiasogu said as a result of his unceremonious departure from the University dozens of students were also leaving the institution in support of him, noting, “The students staged a three day protest on the campus of the University against the authority for my illegal dismissal,” Dr. Obiasogu said on a local radio station.

However, several deposit slips in the possession of this paper has indicated that the former President did authorize students to pay their fees into his personal account at Ecobank, a situation that baffled many of the students who spoke to our reporter recently on the campus of the University.

In order to ascertain the facts relating to the allegations leveled against the University this journalist went over on the campus of the University where he interacted with score of students including executives of the students leadership who categorically denied insinuation of their former President that they were on a protest action on their campus.

The students and their leadership speaking to this writer also alleged that Rev. Dr. Obiasogu during his tenure at the University made them to paid into his personal account school fees instead of the account of the University, “This ponder many of us as to why we the students should pay our schools into the account of the President. Some of us felt that this was the approval of the Board, but little did we know that it was done without the knowledge of the institution,” Stephanie Brown a student of the University in a chat with journalists on the campus of the University, said on Wednesday of this week.

Some of the students who spoke to journalist, and denied any protest action on their campus as being claimed by Dr. Biasogu

“I was actually taken aback of the resignation of the President, and when I also heard about his absence from the University prior to his resignation, later on got to know the that he was dismissed for administrative reason,” Charslyn Kennedy of the nursing department of the University in an interview said. Ms. Kennedy also praised the instructional staff of the University, “These guys are good and are well trained in their teaching field,” she told this writer.

For his part, the Secretary General of the student union of the institution, Mr. Vannie Wennie of Public Health Department speaking to this writer indicated that at no time did the students of the University staged any protest as being alleged by the former President, “This guy is undermining the works of the founder of this University. The printing out of his resignation letter and sending it out on the Social Media is very wrong; his intent is to bring credibility problem to our institution,” Wennie said.

One of the many deposit slips issued

Alvin Dowah of the Criminal Justice Department in a chat with this writer also condemned the action of the former President of the University, the University For some staff who spoke to this writer in their frustrated state rd of mind expressed disappointment in their ex-president who they said came with high morale when he was named as President of the University by the Board, “We were very excited of his appointment, hoping that he would have done a lot for the growth of the University, but instead this was to the contrary”, Thomas Johnson a member of the teaching staff in a chat with journalist said.

In a communication to the National Commission on Higher Education Director General, Hon. Mawine G. Diggs and dated on November 22, 2018, the Trustees of the Barshall University College said, “ The Board of Trustees of the Barshall University College wishes to inform you of its decision to terminate  the services of Rev. Dr. Israel C. Obiasogu as President of the University College. The Board decision is predicated upon the attached counts from its Resolution made on November 8, 2018. The counts reveal Rev. Dr. Obiasogu disclosure of an NCHE Assessment Reports, his so-called resignation letter and publication of other documents to the media with Joy FM Talk Show host reading on air with the intent to blackmail, derail, undermine the future of our youth to drop the hope of persuing quality education,” the communication to the NCHE continues.

A Communication from the BUC to the NCHE

Concluding in its letter to the NCHE boss, the Barshall University College said, “Meanwhile, the Board has instituted an Interim Management Team headed by Dr. W. Gonsah Matadi to spearhead its operation until a new President is appointed. however, the Management Team is requesting a resubmission of said Assessment Report and any other directive for its implementation. We are doing all possible to ensure that all recommendations and standard from the National Commission on Higher Education are fulfilled,”  the communication concluded.

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