CPP Reportedly Concludes Discussion With UP For Collaboration Ahead Of Run-off

Credible Report says CPP Political Leader Alexander Cummings has concluded a meeting aimed at surrendering his support to UP Joseph Boakai during the impending runoff election.

According to an anonymous executive of the CPP, Mr. Cummings told his Party’s officials that he will remain committed to an opposition support during the runoff.

Our source indicated that several Executives of the CPP/ANC rejected Mr. Cummings’s proposal, suggesting that he must remain neutral in the process, something he (Cummings ) said will not be the case.

Notable among the Executives who opposed Mr. Cummings’s decision include CPP Chairman Musa Bility, Vice Running-mate Charlyne Brumskine, Martin Kolleh among others.

It can be recalled in September of this year, while campaigning in New Kru Town, the ANC political leader vowed to support an opposition candidate if he did not win the election in October.

However, effort by the GNN to verify such information via mobile phone to contact the Secretary General of the UP, Amos Tweh proved unsuccessful, as his mobile phone rang endlessly.

Investigation continues.

The runoff election is expected within two weeks.

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