COP’s Sponsor Of ‘Save The State’ Protest Went Violence Free, But Trivial Criminal Mysteriously Snatches Henry Costa Mobile Phone Away

Mr. Henry P. Costa

As tens of thousands gathered on the grounds of the Capitol Building on Friday, June 7, 2019 to express their support to the Council of Patriots (COP) for its well-organized protest for demanding the George-led government for improved services to the Liberian people, one of the organizers, and a talk show host, Henry P. Costa was hard-hit during the occasion when his mobile phone was mysteriously snatched.

Costa whose arrival on the ground was greeted with a thunderous applause as the protesters chanted ‘Our Hero, Our Hero’ referring to the tough talking talk show host as he climbed on the truck that was used to transport a huge crowd/supporters of the protest to view the gigantic group, while at the same time lauding them for their nationalistic support to the COP.

Henry P. Costa in the crowd during the occasion

Not known his misfortune would have come to him, Costa unknowably in just a minute his mobile phone disappeared. A situation that made him uncomfortable as his eyes turned red and his look completely became unfriendly, this of course drew the attention of the gathering who empathize with him for his misfortune.

However, some Liberians who spoke to the GNN immediately after the incident said the individual or individuals who may have done that were maybe sent by the sponsors to don they can to snatch the phone of  Mr. Costa, who has been considered as a critic of the government.

“What happened today to steal the phone of Mr. Henry P. Costa was well organized, this should not be ruled out, that guy of those guys that took away this very important mobile phone from this gentleman, I am indeed touched of this unfortunate situation,” George Z. Harris, one of the protesters speaking to the GNN said.

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