Concerned Grand Gedean Writes NEC, Wants Senior Magistrate Arthur C. Y. Duogee Dismissed

Allison Z. T. Dunner

Following a report by the GNN about the alleged involvement of National Elections Commission (NEC) senior magistrate in politics, and his alleged role as senior member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), a concerned Grand Gedean has disclosed that he has written the National Elections Commission (NEC) asking that electoral body to dismiss its senior magistrate in the County ahead of the 2020 referendum and the midterm Senatorial Elections.

Allison Z. T. Dunner who walked into the offices of the GNN said he has written the Chairperson of the NEC Davidetta Brown Lansanah saying the immediate removal of Mr Arthur C. Y. Duogee from the commission’s office in Grand Gedeh will enhance trust and credibility in the commission and also will put an end to the rigmaroles currently taken place in the County.

Speaking to the GNN on Friday, September 11, 2020, Dunner recounted cases of suspected electoral fraud under Dougee’s watch across two elections, citing the cases of Mr William Karyee and Rep Alex Grant in 2011 and that of Mr Patrick Bowah and Rep George Boley in 2017.

He said at one instance, Karyee filed a complaint with the NEC that he was robbed of victory in Grand Gedeh District three election in 2011, adding that he was touted as the winner of that election until results from the Boe/Ploe area in Gbarzon gave Mr Grant the final laugh, his supporters rejected the result, displaying tally sheets which they said were changed in Grant’s favour.

Dunner narrating also said, in 2017 Mr Patrick Bowah cried foul as Dr. George Boley claimed victory in District Two in a controversial fashion; Bowah also took exception to the result but later dropped his case, noting that “These are recipe for chaos if nothing is done about it, 2020 elections are too crucial to witness claims and counterclaims.To sustain the peace in our country we need to be clear about what matters to the public interest. We cannot continue with a man whose workings have the propensity to undermine our peace. In 2011 and 2017 people who were dissatisfied with elections results waived their cases for peace sake. Will that be the case in 2020? No one can guarantee that”. Dunner speaking to the GNN stressed.

He claimed that every election conducted by Mr.  Duogee as NEC’s magistrate in Grand Gedeh has been marred by suspected electoral malpractices, including in Margibi County where he presided over elections in 2014.

“My communication to the NEC boss was very clear to the point. It was dated August 7, 2020 and I attached few of the numerous emails exchanged between magistrate Duogee and a candidate during the 2017 elections. I don’t know why the commission is yet to respond.”

Dunner added that in the leaked emails Rep Grant was instructing Mr Dougee to hire people who were his associates as he was running to retain his seat at the House of Representatives, and further claimed how Dougee is a bosom friend of Rep Grant whose party is part of the Coalition for Democratic Change that is fielding Rep Zoe E. Pennue in the December 8 elections, as one of its newest members from the Congress for Democratic Change.

He said it puts the credibility of the elections in doubt if Mr. Dougee remains elections Magistrate in the Grand Gedeh County, also alleged that Magistrate Dougee has a host of close friends, and is connected with Representative Grant, who he often hires to conduct elections in Grand Gedeh County.

He said the evidences adduced in his communication to the NEC should be enough remove Dougee as Senior Magistrate of the County, and frowned on the commission’s failure to respond to his communication, saying it may make him to seek other means for redress.

Dunner said while it is a glaring fact that he holds no grudge against the Elections Magistrate, the peace of the country is hinged on the December elections. And those who might spur the tension, like Dougee, must be booted out of the system to safeguard peace.

In a mobile phone chat with this outlet today, September 11, 2020, to ascertain the actual facts surrounding  allegation leveled against him, Dougee who sounded unfriendly aggressively reserved not to speak to the issue, instead decided to ask our staff as to why he was not spoken to before the first publication despite his number was not reachable.

Investigation continues

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