Complaint Files Against Archbishop Winker For Allowing President Weah To Use His Pulpit To Attack Critics

Archbishop Isaac Winker

The Archbishop of Dominion Christian Fellowship Church, Isaac Winker may shortly face the leadership Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) for allegation leveled against him that he always allowing his pulpit to be used by the Liberian leader, President George Weah to attack his critics.

According to Togar M. Cephas, Chairman of the Unity Party (UP) a letter of complaint has been filed against the Archbishop Bishop Isaac Winker to the president of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) Rev. Dr. Samuel B. Reeves about the Liberian leader regular attacks on his opponents at his church.

Cephas in his letter of complaint dated Thursday, December 22, 2022, accused Bishop Winker of availing his pulpit to President Weah to allegedly launch verbal attacks against political actors.

He accused also the Archbishop of constantly availing his pulpit to President Weah for alleged selfish and greedy gains, noting “The Church should not be used for commercial purposes but rather as a place of peace and unity and organizing charitable activities. Biblically, a pastor is a faithful steward ( Titus 1:7).”

Adding, “The Church should be a place of peace and not a medium for spewing hate messages.”

He called on the Liberia Council of Churches to take his complaint seriously because, according to him, such a situation risks damaging and denigrating the image of all other Churches in Liberia.

The former UP Youth Chair said he hopes that the LCC will give his letter urgent attention to avoid the imminent reputational damage that Bishop Winker is allegedly about to cause to all other Churches in the Country.

He claimed that the act is only unpatriotic, has the propensity to create more hate among citizens, and it is allegedly against the religious norms of Christian ethics.

“The pulpit in Christendom is a place where the voice of God is heard and the holy spirit uses the pulpit in such a way to communicate the rational Biblical message aimed at transforming lives and winning souls for the second coming of Christ.”

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  1. Fred Yeegbe says

    The church is compromised. Always was. As long as predates are allowed to canvass for political office, the church has would always be political.

  2. Anthony k Dorbor says

    Wow!!!, If it is so then it’s actually wrong.
    It would better that he goes there for Prayer then to push political agenda by criticising other political parties.

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