Cllr. Dweh Clarifies On Alleged Sinoe County Murderer Release

County Attorney Cllr Daniel Teki Dweh

Following report that the County Attorney of Sinoe County, Cllr. Daniel Teki Dweh recently ordered the release of Jaryee Mennoh who was alleged accused of murdering a lady in Tarjuowon District, Sinoe County, the County Attorney has publicly clarified that he has no authority to release any convicted criminal from prison as it has been alleged, but said he legally argued the facts surrounding the alleged murder charge.

Speaking to the GNN via mobile phone on Monday morning, October 26, 2020, Cllr. Dweh said his argument was based on the allegation of murder leveled against Mr. Mennoh, but noted that there was no evidence to link the accused to murder, wondering as to where was the evidence that Mennoh allegedly murdered a lady, and asked, “who is this lady who was allegedly murdered, and who are the witnesses?”

Cllr. Dweh further argued that it was reported that the man in question ‘ritualistically’ murdered a lady, “Where is the evidence that the accused ritualistically killed someone”? He asked, noting that there was no evidence regarding the allegation.

Cllr Dweh added that Mennoh who was accused of being involved into ritualistic killing as claimed by many residents in the county will not be forwarded to court, until eye witness who saw him committing such act is willing to testify before court.

Meanwhile, County Attorney Cllr Daniel Teki Dweh is calling residents of the County to remain peaceful as the Joint Security is carrying out its investigation into the matter.

Investigation continues

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