Citizens Of Sinoe Say They Are Crying For The Death Of Their Representative, J. Nagbe Sloh

By D.Sonpon Weah II|

The late Rep. J. Nagbe Sloh

The Secretary General of the Dugbe River Union, Mr. Aaron J. Manneh  says  his union along with its left bank people and the entire citizens of Sinoe County ,Liberia deeply  mourn the loss of a progressive son, Hon. Jay Nagbe Sloh of the left bank, Sinoe county , Liberia .

Hon. Jay Nagbe sloh, representative of district N0. 2, Sinoe County, was  a progressive son, a family-man, a media-guru with the Christian faith who passed away on July 1, 2020 following a protractive illness at  about aged 55 in Monrovia.

Mr. Manneh says  his union is ready to work with the Sloh families , the Liberian government and people aimed at  ensuring  a befitting burial of Hon. Sloh as well as ensures that all benefits and other entitlements for late Hon Jay Nagbe Sloh reach the Sloh’s family without any hindrance.

Amidst this great lost, Mr. Manneh however strongly maintains that it is time to create senatorial balance in the Left and Right Banks of Sinoe County because the present two senators are dishonestly representing only the Right Bank.

According to him, such representations convened the 1980 agreement reached by the elders, leaders and citizens of both banks. This peace-making agreement which is still binding on all in Sinoe County, was foully contravened in recent elections by the both Senators to the detriment of the left bank.

Senators J.Milton Teahjay of Tarjowon and Augustine Chea of Murrayville are true sons of the Right Bank in Sinoe County who are claiming to somewhat represent both citizens of both left and right banks.

He said this will balance out true representation in the county by bringing two separate voices at the table and securing oversight of resource-matching needs allocation for both sides.

Mr. Aaron J. Manneh made the disclosure recently in an exclusive interview with the Media-man D.Sonpon Weah II (+231-0880829293)  at the Manneh’s Brewerville residence, outside Monrovia city.

Mr. Manneh who is a Sinoean from the Left Bank, said he has declared his intention as a senatorial aspirant for the mid-term elections in a bid to balance out the senate representation of the county.

The current Senators of the county, J. Milton Teahjay of Tarjowon and Augustine Chea of Murrayville are from the Right Banks.  “This is unfair and unfavorable to the Left Bank of Sinoe.” He said.

Mr. Manneh, a former Assistant Internal Affairs Minister for Administration said, “We need to elect our own senator during this midterm election to give voice to the citizens and residents of the Left bank county.

Mr. Manneh said the Senators from the right bank cannot in any way claim to represent the people of the Left bank; I think enough is enough now because our people must have equal representations and developments in the left bank.

“And those  within the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) should also understand that fair share is importance in democracy; equal representation, even distribution of wealth, powers and developments will ensure lasting peace and tranquility within Sinoe county,” added Mr. Manneh.

He said these right bank citizens usually cajoled the left bank people with their ill-fitted wealth for elections posts only to later abundant the left bank developments and growth after they have been elected.

Mr. Manneh alleged that the election that got Augustine Chea into the Liberian Senate was fraudulence; hijack the left and right elders and citizens’ agreed electoral formula by Mr. Augustine Chea who sought a compromise with the people not to demand for re-election in Sinoe County.

According to him, the elders and citizens of both right and left banks had in the 1980s reached a consensus for each bank to produce its own senator, which formula during the 1985 national elections  also ensure the peaceful elections of the right bank’s Senator Fred J. Blay  and Lawson Draper from the left bank respectively.

Mr. Manneh said similar formula in 2005 resulted into the peaceful elections of Mr. Maputo Nyanpan from the right bank and Cllr. Joseph N. Nagbe from the left bank.


“When Senator Joseph N. Nagbe of the left bank got appointed to the Supreme Court, Mr. Augustine Chea from the right bank hijacked peaceful electoral the process with his ill-fitted resources  to  deny the left bank people of their senatorial slot”.

Mr. Manneh who publicly thanked Senator Milton Teahjay of the right bank for supporting the electoral formula in Sinoe County, said those other leaders who are coining, suppressing and keeping the left bank underdeveloped will soon face the wrath of the Sinoe people.

The Senatorial Aspirant who also promised to remain in the country to ensuring that his lone voice becomes clearer, stronger and to even reach to President George Manneh Weah himself for the emancipation of the Sinoe people from method slavery in choosing their own leaders for peaceful co-existence and betterment of all.

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