China, Liberia Have Fruitful Media Relations – Chinese Envoy

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Chinese Ambassador to Liberia, Fu Jijun says China and Liberia have a fruitful collaboration on the issue of capacity-building for the local media.

He said since 2008, China has been helping the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) to serve Liberians, installing a new 10kw FM transmitter and helping establish its television service, the Liberia National Television for Monrovia.

Ambassador Fu made the statement on Friday in Monrovia, when he served as guest speaker during the 30th anniversary program of The News Newspaper.

He said after that, Chinese experts have been helping LBS to maintain equipment and train staff members upon the request of the Liberian government to its Chinese counterpart.

Ambassador Fu said China is planning to help LBS to renovate its structures and expand its service to the Liberian people with advanced technology.

He narrated that quite a few Liberians from the media have worked in the China-Africa Press Exchange Center program.

He said every year there will be some Liberians from the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) and other media personnel who will go to China to attend training and capacity building seminars for African media officials and journalists.

He said a Liberian, Mr Randall Jackson, after participating in a 10-week training course in digital migration at China Global Television Network, has successfully used the skills.

According to him, for the Liberian people to learn the latest news and information, the Embassy has been joining hands with the MICAT family for the setting up of some electronic billboards in Monrovia.

He said one of the billboards has been set up at the Executive Pavilion and the second at the University of Liberia and another at the square of the CDC headquarters’

He explained that China has donated and will continue to donate more Chinese publications and books to Liberian public libraries and universities, as well as other schools.

”I am confident that with the implementation of the Action Plans, the mutually beneficial collaboration in the media landscape between China and Liberia will be further expanded,” Fu said.

The Ambassador assured Liberians that the Chinese government will continue to make concerted efforts to facilitate the media collaboration between Liberia and China so as to help achieve the glorious goal of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PADP).


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