Bea Mountain General Manager, Entourage Receive Rousing Welcome From Matambo Women Group

BEA Mountain Boss, Mr. Debar Allen in a chat with one of the ladies

The General Manager of Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC), Mr. Debar Allen and Entourage were on Saturday February 25, 2023 given a resounding welcome by the Matambo Women Development Association (MWDA) and other citizens Matambo Corridor.

They welcomed Mr. Allen and his entourage with beautiful melodies and high jubilation symbolising their happiness over the Company’s interventions in their lives.

In their opening statements aligned with overwhelming appreciations, the Women and other residents in the Matambo Corridor said they want to be busy all the times and they know the company through its General Manager can do that.

They outlined trade school, agriculture and other business Empowerment programs like [Village saving loan] as their immediate needs in their communities including job opportunities for community members.

They jointly sang and celebrated saying “Honorable GM and your team, we have come for you to wept away our tears and we know you will do that for us in this corridor.”

Hawa D. Kamara said “We put this group together because we see in Tewor District, we are dying, the women are suffering. Before you will be sitting home and see your man coming with black plastic, but this time he is coming with nothing in his hand. Everything relax on the little market we making and we are not getting profit from it. Based on this, we say we want our GM as our father and the company to help the women of Matambo Corridor. We are begging you. We only came here today to talk to you. We are in tears. Our children are going to school and some of them are in college and we are not able to pay their school fees. So, we only came to beg you. Please hear our cry. Some of us can work because we know book. We need jobs to do.”

For her part, Hawa K. Kallon, chairlady of the Women said “This is My women, we are not working. We are suffering, we don’t have business,  we will like you people to help us with loan so we can do business and jobs so we can be busy all the times. We are just sitting home whole day. Please provide trainings as well. It’s time for us to work.”

In response, General Manager, Mr. Debar Allen thanked the women for putting themselves together in such positive way.

“I want to say thank you for putting yourself together. I been asking for the women. You know I am not a politician, I am a businessman, but I am also a father, husband, brother, and uncle. For me, when I was growing up as smallboy in the house, when my pa vex, I can be waiting for my ma to come home and once she comes home, I am happy. The same way when my daughters happy, I am happy, when they crying, I am crying; I don’t even know why I am crying and some time they vex with me, but I will cry,” he shares jokes with the women as he makes his point practical.

Mr. Allen further said he is really happy that they are now starting to talk.

“For something good to go on anywhere, women have to be inside it,” this statement follows a resounding song from the women.

“Your women crying ooo Debar ooo, you better wake up ooo Debar. Debar na wake up oo,” he and the women sang.

The BMMC General Manager said “We believe in women so much that the Community Relations Department now has woman as boss of the department. We have now created Gender Department and woman as head.  We started in Kinjor helping women the same way and we will do the same thing here or more. Your leadership, we will find time to focus on women and know what happening to you people. We trained women who can drive our trucks and no accident reported because you people are careful. We want women in our project because it can be stable. We will start talking. Thank you for putting yourself together.”

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