As Liberia’s 2023 Elections Draw Closer, Electorates Appear Confused – GNN Finds Out

GNN Staff

L/R: Joseph N. Boakai (UP), Alexander B. Cummings (ANC) and Daniel E. Cassell (PLP)

As Liberians are preparing to witness another historic general and presidential elections come 2023  to usher in an elected government to steer the affairs of the country for a 6-year term, the hopes of many seems to be in disarray; wondering as to who will be ready to stand the heat of power.

GNN investigation has discovered that the opposition community ahead of the 2023 elections has reportedly been infiltrated by the governing party, thus weakening its quest for the country’s leadership.

According to some Liberians, including political activists who spoke to the GNN revealed that the multiplicity of political parties in Liberia without the committed opposition politicians always give rise for the governing party to defeat them at the ballot box, noting that this is due to the lack of cohesiveness on their part.

“As we speak, the main opposition bloc, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has been imperiled by misunderstandings, which have given birth to the creation of divisions, as one group is claiming to be the choice of the people, while the other sits and watch. We do not really have real opposition politicians in this country”, Nathaniel Wah, a resident of Monrovia who exclusively spoke to the GNN said.

“We are afraid of what is currently taking place within the opposition community, the CDC-led government will once again take the win, as we have observed the opposition politicians are not serious; their continual refusal to putting their act together for the 2023 will make this government to recapture its leadership for another twelfth years”, Benjamin R. Cooper of the Monrovia suburb of Sinkor told the GNN.

GNN investigation also gathered that with the way things are taken place within the opposition community; not allowing the torch of unity to control their political ambition, the governing party if not careful will for the second time take the mantle of power in 2023.

“We hope the opposition will put their acts together in the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections; big names or wealthy men will not be the answer to our country’s problem, but rather the person who will have the country at heart, and help to regain its lost status amongst the comity of nations should be the person Liberians want,” Rachel Tucker of Paynesville in a chat with the GNN expressed her thought.

However, others who spoke to the GNN advised the CDC-led government to quickly reshape its strategy in the growth and development of Liberia by furthering its bilateral relationship between world’s superpowers, such as the United States and others if this government is to succeed for the benefit of its people.  

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