As Gov’t Threatens Henry Costa Arrest Upon Arrival, Costa Says His Schedule Arrival Intact

Henry P. Costa

“I will leave from here on the 19th of December, and will be in Monrovia, I challenge anyone to lay their hands on me, if anyone does they will face the power of the people,” Henry Petro Costa speaking on his widely view ‘Costa Show’ declared.

The Deputy Information Minister Eugene Fahngon, addressing the weekly MICAT press briefing last Thursday, disclosed that there’s a writ of arrest awaiting controversial talk show host upon his arrival, “Many of you can recall when I faced the Legislature and I was placed in handcuffs, I was led to jail for two days; even the son of a powerful former President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in our society and Africa, was placed in handcuffs and taken to jail,” he said going to jail under the leadership of president Weah does not mean that one is guilty, but rather it is a process that the law “must take sometimes to get to justice.”

But in reaction to Minister Fahngon’s assertion, Henry Costa who is also the lead organizer of the pending December 30th protest assured his supporters that his arrival in the country will not be unhindered, noting that anyone who will make any attempt to arrest him should be ready to arrest all the protesters who will gathered at the RIA to receive him on that day.

Some Liberian who spoke to the GNN here in the United States expressed fear for this tough-talking radio commentator for insisting that he will travel to Liberia under these difficult times, and further cautioned him to be careful with his life.

Minister Fahngon also addressing the media stressed that because the warrant to arrest Costa is a court document, any attempt by anyone to obstruct justice “will him or herself face justice. “Therefore our laws will be applied and we anticipate the arrival of Mr. Costa on December 19th, 2019 and it will be a test to show whether we are a country or an autocratic state, where the aristocrats rule…we will find out,” stressed Fahngon.

Mr. Costa’s Roots FM was shut down by the court by a search and seizure warrant in October.

Judge Ernest F. Bana, Stipendiary Magistrate of the Monrovia City Magisterial Court issued a search warrant upon request of the Ministry of Justice to undertake search and seizure operation on the premises of the station which hosts the Henry Costa Morning Show, the government says have been spitting hate messages on the airwaves and operating without a license.

Since the closure of Root FM, Mr. Costa’s co- host Fidel Saydee, has since fled Liberia on grounds that his life is not safe any longer in the country.

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