As Garbage Overwhelms Monrovia, Miss Liberia Shows Concern, Launches ‘Garbage Disease Prevention’

Miss. Liberia Wokie Dolo (Center) with some youth groups for the launch

Miss Liberia 2017, Wokie Dolo launched the Garbage Disease Prevention Awareness on Saturday July 6 2019, in Duala Market Area, Monrovia. In the face of the piling up of garbage in the city of Monrovia and its surroundings, Ms Dolo decided to do something to prevent the spread of disease that leads to sickness and death. The main way that Ms Dolo has chosen to do this is the way to make people aware that each Liberian has a responsibility to take peaceful action to protect lives and save Liberia. in this direction, Ms Dolo put a group of young committed Liberians together to help in the cleaning up of the garbage piles in Monrovia.

In fact, as Miss Liberia 2017 observed, marketeers are selling food just next to the garbage and from gutters where people place urine and feces, bringing and spreading diseases to poor  people who can least afford the health care necessary to stop their sicknesses and death. This dangerous and urgent health situation became a wakeup call to Miss Liberia to realize that her role is not only to move around looking attractive but most importantly to help to promote the interest of the people of Liberia, who continue to get sick and die from garbage diseases.

So, on Saturday July 6th, Ms. Dolo, having sent written information to the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) and the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) about the Launching, received  support from the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) in the form of trucks to help with the garbage clearing. Miss Liberia provided financial compensation to the MPW persons who helped directly with the garbage cleaning. The Duala Marketeers, through their local organization, were present at the garbage clearing.

So, it was through the Saturday Launching that the death-threatening  garbage got cleared and the people, particularly the people who buy in the Duala and neighboring markets, remain  grateful for the Garbage Disease Prevention Launching and express the hope that they will develop the capacity to sustain the example of cleanliness set by Miss Liberia 2017.

Miss Liberia 2017 remains grateful to the Marketeers of Duala and the neighboring markets,  the buyers of food from those markets, the MCC,MPW Authorities and Workers, media entities and her CoWorkers who helped in making the Launching successful, as can be seen by the  positive transformation that has taken place in the Duala and neighboring markets. Ms. Dolo expresses the hope that she will continue to use her commitment to sustain the raising of widespread awareness to keep the markets clean and prevent the making and spreading of garbage diseases.



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