As Constitutional Crises Loom Over October 10, Elections May Not Be Held, Amid Delay Of ‘FRR’

The anticipation of Liberians to be part of the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections made be dashed due to reported delay by the National Elections Commission (NEC) to publish the Final Registration Roll or FRR.

As a result of this delay, political analysts who spoke to the Gon NN and some on local radio stations questioned the sincerity of the NEC for its alleged refusal to publish the Final Registration Roll, as per Section 16.7 of the ‘2023 Voter Registration Regulations’ states that the final voters’ role cannot be altered “by the National Election Commission within 30 days prior to an election, except when the Supreme Court orders.”

The section, according to political actors, means that the Final Registration Roll should have been released sooner so that any claims of “foul” play can be addressed properly since it is open to review, which is intended to gauge the accuracy of their registrations and promote confidence in the electoral process.

Amid of these constitutional crises on the delay to publish the Final Registration Roll (FRR) ahead of the October 10, 2023 general and e presidential elections, the opposition Unity Party (UP) this week dragged the National Elections Commission (NEC) for a Writ of Mandamus before the Honorable Supreme Court.

Some Liberians who also spoke to the GNN are expressing serious over the delay for the publishing of the FRR by NEC amid the holding of the October elections.

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