As Anti-Racism Protests Spread In US And Other Countries, Police In Liberia Deploy At United States Embassy To Prevent Any Evantuality

The late George Floyd brutally murdered by US Police officers

As some Liberians for the second time planned to stage a peaceful protest on the grounds of the United States embassy against anti-racism in the United States were last Friday prevented by officer of the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) of the Liberia National Police who had deployed ahead of the protest.

Last week, a group of young Liberians in their black T-Shirts marched on the grounds of the United States embassy peacefully in solidarity of George Floyd, a black man who was manhandled by officer of the United States police which led to his death drew a huge protests in the United States, United Kingdom and other parts of the world.

During that peaceful protest on the grounds of the US embassy for the first time, the protesters spoke against anti-racism in the United States and further called on the US government to put an immediate end to this ugly situation.

Last Friday, a staff of GNN who drove to the embassy ground, noticed that the protesters in their Black T-Shirts were seen leaving area with their placards due to the presence of well-armed police officers who were seen posted for any eventuality could be seen in their number.

Our reporter said there was no any incident during the deployment of the ERU officers of the Liberia National Police on the ground of the United States embassy.

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