Amid Discovery Of Arms And Ammunitions, Liberians Echo AFL Chief Of Staff Disclosure

AFL Chief of Staff Gen. Prince C. Johnson

Amid the discovery of huge cache of arms and ammunitions by security authorities from two separate locations at the port of Monrovia and in Brewerville seems rekindle the fear of Liberians many of whom who felt the ugly and deadly senseless fifteen years civil war that freeze the lives of over 250,000 innocent individuals, and the destruction of Liberia’s infrastructural.

This discovery by the country’s national security seems to be a reminder of statement made by the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) Chief of Staff, Major-General Prince Charles Johnson, III, last year, 2022 when claimed that he has received multiple text messages from people at home and abroad, calling on him to stage a coup due to President George Weah’s prolonged absence from the country.

Huge cache of arms and ammunitions recently discovered by security agencies

Speaking on a local radio station in Monrovia, the Liberian Army Chief of Staff used that time issued a stern warning to would-be troublemakers who may want to “take the law into their hands” in the lead up to the Presidential and General Elections in 2023. Maj. General Johnson also disclosed that he rejected the idea of an overthrow of the Liberian government, it was still ill-advised of him to publicly disclose that he had personally received text messages suggesting the overthrow of an elected government.

Many of those who spoke to the GNN following report of the discovering of huge cache of arms and ammunitions by the country’s security network, are also calling on Major-General Johnson to detail information of those he alleged called on him to overthrow a sitting Liberian government amid this latest worrisome news circulating in the country.

However, some of those spoken to my GNN staff publicly rejected any group of armed men to forcibly cease state power, noting that Liberians are tired of war, and are also refusing to go any country as refugees judging to their previous experiences as refugees to other countries.

Joel C. Brooks writes

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