Amid Deplorable Roads Condition in Southeastern, ‘Bad Road Medicine’ Campaigns 

The deplorable state of roads in the Southeastern region of Liberia, particularly River Gee-Zwedru road and the Pleebo-Baeclayville Road need immediate attention. I’m deeply concerned about the deteriorating condition of the main road from River Gee to Zwedru and Zwedru to Toe Town Road and Barclayville-Greenville Road in the Southeastern region of Liberia.

As a distinguished son of Maryland and Grand Kru Counties, I visited the region via Danane-Tabou, Cote D’Ivoire and returned to Monrovia through the deplorable River Gee-Zwedru and Zwedru-Toe Town road.

I feel compelled to bring the deteriorating issue of the roads for immediate attention and hope that appropriate actions can be taken to address the situation.

It has become increasingly evident that the River Gee-Zwedru and the Pleebo-Barclay roads are in an alarming state of disrepair, have resulted in people traveling to Maryland to use the Danane-Tabou, Cote d’Ivoire route or use flights, or motor bikes which is also challenging.

These roads condition not only pose significant risk to public safety but also cause inconvenience and damaged to vehicles, bikes, and contribute to the increase in the cost of goods, services foodstuffs, and transportation in the region.

The best way to travel is for one to use four-wheel drive known as 4WD by driving slowly and cautiously to avoid irreparable tires, undercarriage, suspension springs and vehicles body damage, such as vehicle slipover, rollover or colliding with damaged vehicles alone the deplorable road.

The state of the deplorable roads also has a negative consequence and jeopardize the safety of motorists and pedestrians. It also increases the livelihood of motor accidents, especially during bad weather (rain) and at night when the visibility is reduced.

Besides, it resulted to prolong delays, spending days on the roads, and negative impact on businesses, emergency services and low productivity such as development and growth in our region.

It is necessary that immediate action be taken and kindly request that concerned authorities take prompt action to address this old age road issue in the Southeastern region of Liberia.

I think the decision by the President of Liberia, who is also an illustrious son of Grand Kru County, His Excellency Dr. George Manneh Weah’s action to brave the storm to travel on the unpleasant and deplorable roads to travel to the Southeastern region Counties of Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland, and Grand Kru is necessary and welcoming.

The President’s trip will afford him a firsthand opportunity to better understand the deplorable roads in the region and how to address the deplorable roads issue. I have no doubt that the President after this year’s elections will take the necessary action to bring relief to our people.

Let work together positively to make a significant difference and stop the blame game by cooling off the heated emotion during these elections period, instead let put understanding ahead of solving this old-age deplorable roads issue rather than blaming others or a particular individual.

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