Ambassador Dukuly Accuses Rashpaul Singh, Ms Bindu F. Dukuly of Fraud; Writes Justice Minister

Cllr. Frank Musa Dean, Liberia’s Attorney General, and Minister of Justice

Ambassador Osman Dukuly has written the Minister of Justice and Attorney of the Republic of Liberia, Cllr, Frank Musa Dean complaining an Indian businessman, Rashpaul Singh affectionately call Paul Sethi of SETHI BROTHERS) and Ms Bindu F. Dukuly of Fraud, noting that the accused and his four sons had ‘Stole 10 plus acres of his (Dukuly family) land on Jamaica Road, Bushrod Island.

In his communication to the Minister of Justice dated June 29, 2023, and posted below, Ambassador Dukuly craved the Minister’s rapid intervention in retrieving his legitimate property.

The Minister of Justice & Attorney General.

Mr. Minister & Attorney General:

I am writing to inform you that Indian business man Rashpaul Singh (Paul Sethi) is a liar and a fraudster and that he should be avoided by all with whom he may seek to enter into business.

Mr Singh and his four our sons stole 10+ acres of my family land on Jamaica Road, Bushrod Island, Monrovia, Liberia, through fraudulent land surveys, and on which he has constructed a cement factory, with the connivance of Counsellors Cooper Kruah and Johnny Momoh, all of which I will prove by the production of evidences when the matter is presented at court on my behalf by a competent trial lawyer, whose services I now wish to contract.

Corrupt Rashpaul Singh tricked my co-owners of the property into agreeing with his survey reports, making me the sole co-owner with the legal authority to sue Rashpaul Singh and his sons for damages and for recovery of the property at the Civil Law Court.

Meanwhile, I have received no response to my complaint filed against my sister Ms. Bindu F. Dukuly, at the LNP Major Crimes Division on Ashmun Street, Monrovia, Liberia, which was, at the time, under the command of Supt. Kawah.

Following my complaint to the police, l have since learned that Ms Dukuly has fled from her residence in Dubai, UAE, and has gone into hiding in the USA.

Please let these matters claim your urgent attention to be acted upon.


Amb. Osman Dukuly

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