All Eyes On NEC To Publicly Speak Out On Election Violence In District 15 – As GNN gathers What Actually Took Place

Chairman, National Elections Commission (NEC), Jerome Korkoya

Recent election violence in District # 15 by people believed to be supporters of Abu Kamara, a representative candidate of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the re-run of the Montserrado County District #15 by-election between opposition candidate Telia Urey and Abu Kamara has caught the attention of many who are calling on the electoral body, the National Elections Commission (NEC) to speak on the issue.

Dozens of Liberians who spoke to the GNN on last Saturday’s election violence in Logan Town, District # 15, Montserrado County where a rival candidate for the re-run by-election, Ms. Telia Urey was reportedly held hostage along with some of her supporters for hours threatening her life, while at the same time damaging her vehicle are urging NEC not to allow this to be left in the vacuum.

This recent rioting in the district has also drawn the attention of the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah calling for an immediate investigation into such uncivilized manner on the part of those who without due respect to our electoral laws to manhandled a candidate of the opposition bloc; creating dark cloud over Liberia’s electoral process.

For many who took up time to express their displeasure over this situation, told the GNN that it is about time that the security apparatus, especially the Liberia national Police to speedily bring to book those who masterminded this entire cloudy Saturday incident, while at the same time calling on the country’s electoral body, the National Elections Commission to launch an in-depth investigation.

Even though some bystanders during the incident accused the police of not being sensitive of the plight of the victim, Ms. Urey who was reportedly held hostage for hours in a nearby building, while the police reportedly during the riot did not make any arrest for reason best known to them.

If this information as being reported that the police did not intercede while the molestation on Ms. Urey was going on by the rioters is right, then, we feel disappointed that the police whose responsibility is to protect lives and properties be it who is involve should be held liable for all of the happenings on that fateful day where a citizen and others were being placed under hostage by another group.

Speaking to the GNN, a resident of the district who said she was around the vicinity where the incident took place, further told our staff that the police did not come to the rescue of Ms. Urey, and also explained that those who carry out the smashing of Ms. Urey car public bragged that their presence was to prevent her from touring the district, noting that, “It was at the mercy of God that save her, she would have been killed due to the kind of posture exhibited by those rioters, many of whom were in the possession of dangerous weapons including stakes and others,” speaking to the GNN, the lady only preferred to be called Ma-Mary said.

Others who also spoke to the GNN denounced such violence being proffered by people they called supporters of Abu Kamara, adding, “What these guys did was not called for, Ms. Urey is a Liberian, likewise Abu Kamara she has to right to contest in this district; this district is not for Abu Kamara and his likes, those who carry out this ugly behaviors on Saturday should be arrested and prosecuted, even if possible, Abu Kamara himself must be called in for questioning,” Nathaniel Q. Cooper who claimed to be a resident of Logan Town in a chat with the GNN revealed.

“The Police did not treat Ms. Urey fair, after all she is also a taxpayer whose taxes paid their salaries, she should not have been treated like the way she was treated; not come to her rescue during the entire rioting. Even when she was locked up in that building, the police would use their professional knowhow to release her; I am disappointed,” Comfort Railey of the community speaking to the GNN also said.

With all of these revelations gathered by our staff, the NEC should now see reason to launch its investigation into the Saturday riot in District 15.

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