L/R: President Weah, Pastor Doue,and Boakai

Ahead of October’s Polls -Liberian Prelate Caution Citizens

A Liberian prelate has cautioned Liberians to do away with violence during these elections as to avoid chaos in the country.

Pastor Allen Doue says he is deeply concerned about the future of Liberia for which he feels obliged to warned Liberians to not allow politicians use them for their personal aggrandizement.

According to him, Liberia suffered 14 years of civil unrest thus making over 250 people died, noting those wars were brought on Liberians by selfish politicians, many of where never held accountable for their wrongs.

The Chief Executive Officer of Voice TV AFRICA said Liberians are now approaching a crucial moment in the country’s democratic journey, noting that the upcoming elections will determine the path the country will take.

He said: “I write today with a heavy heart and a deep concern for the future of our beloved nation, I feel obliged to cautioned our people about election violence, not to lead our country into plague,”

Pastor Doue noted that the upcoming elections will determine the path the nation will take; stating that it is in times like these that emotions run high, and tensions can escalate into violence when politicians and voters are not mindful.

“I implore you, my fellow Liberians, to remember the values that we hold dear – unity, peace, and progresses” he said.

He added: “Violence is not the solution to any problem. It only begets more violence and suffering. Let us choose a different path – one of dialogue, understanding, and respect. Let us engage in peaceful discussions, where we can share our ideas and views without resorting to hatred or violence,”

Meanwhile, the Liberian preacher reminded Liberians that the strength of a nation lies not in the power of its leaders, but in the unity and resilience of its people and Liberians should unite regardless of political affiliations, and work together for the betterment of the nation.

“I urge you all to reject any form of violence or intimidation during these elections. Let us foster an environment that is conducive to peaceful elections, where every Liberian can exercise their right to vote without fear,” he concluded.

It can be recalled recently there was violent clashes between supporters of the opposition Unity Party and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that  left at least two people dead with other injured in Foya, Lofa County, also there where reported violence in Nimba county and part of Montserrado county.

These things, according to Pastor Allen are tantamount to outbreak of war and Liberians should create no space for such things.

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