Ahead Of October 10: Liberia First Movement Calls on President George Weah to Respect Rule of Law

Liberia First Movement (LFM) strongly condemns the recent appointment of Mr. Garrison Yealue, a member of the ruling CDC campaign team, as the Head of the Governance Commission. This appointment represents a flagrant violation of Section 5.3.2 of the Act that established the Governance Commission. LFM views this decision by President George Weah as a potential threat to institutions of integrity, such as the Governance Commission, and an undermining of the rule of law in Liberia.

LFM urges President George Weah to immediately withdraw the nomination of Mr. Garrison Yealue from the campaign team or, alternatively, Mr. Yealue, as a former lawmaker, must take the responsible step of resigning from his position. It is essential to protect the image and credibility of the Governance Commission, as it plays a vital role in upholding integrity and ensuring good governance in Liberia. By appointing a member of the ruling party’s campaign team to such a position, the government sends a worrisome message about its commitment to impartiality and the principles of fairness.

Furthermore, LFM calls on the international partners of Liberia to closely observe the ruling party’s defiance of civility and the rule of law. The appointment of Mr. Garrison Yealue raises concerns about the government’s willingness to respect and uphold the law. A government that fails to respect the law cannot be relied upon to maintain the rule of law itself. This development undermines the trust and confidence of both the Liberian people and the international community in the government’s ability to govern in a fair and just manner.

LFM emphasizes that the rule of law is the cornerstone of a democratic society and a fundamental prerequisite for sustainable development and stability. The government of Liberia must demonstrate its commitment to upholding the rule of law by rectifying this situation promptly. It is imperative that President George Weah takes immediate action to address this violation and ensure that the Governance Commission remains an independent and credible institution.

LFM remains steadfast in its dedication to promoting good governance, upholding the rule of law, and safeguarding the integrity of Liberia’s institutions. We call upon all Liberians, civil society organizations, and stakeholders to join us in demanding accountability and transparency from the government.

Liberia First Movement

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