A Passionate Letter To His Excellency The President – 66TH Edition  Liberia – The Dawn Of A New Day !!

His Excellency Elect,

It is delightsome to do you this extraordinary piece, as we all in Liberia await your official ascension to power at your inauguration. To me, as many Liberians, it feels like THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY! We are first and foremost grateful to the good and merciful LORD that has brought us to this incredible place, amidst much apprehension.  I also do commend the Liberian people who demonstrated much resilience and maturity in the generally peaceful and composed manner in which they followed and conducted themselves through the entire electioneering process to the very end. Bravo to the Liberian people and the National Elections Commission for exhibiting a good level of maturity in our democratic sojourn and lending great and enviable credence to our democratic score sheet!!

However, as I did to President Weah before his inauguration in January 2018, so I am move to do to you, an exemplary statesman, who is considered by many as a level headed and principled leader. I gave President Weah some pieces of objective an apolitical advice that were intended to help him chart his way through unthreaded and complicated paths in his political journey. But his it is now to judge with hind eyes how he performed that landed him abruptly at a destination he did not choose to disembark at.

For you and your government too, I would first of all say, FELICITATIONS upon your victory! But as it is normally said, “the taste of the pudding is in its eating.” Liberians all around the globe have great expectations of your leadership and government, as they consider your calm disposition, mingled with a pedigree of general and financial discipline, as well as long years in public service and governance. This, I would hasten to say is too challenging an expectation to face and manage, given the very challenging economy and governance complications that would be encountered. So, I would like to appeal to the Liberian masses to lower their expectations a little, while still looking forward to an improved governance and accountability from your government. As the great legendary Reggae superstar, Robert Nester Marley (aka Bob Marley) said in one of the lyrics of his songs, “now we will find out who is the real ‘revolutionary’” – who can decisively shift the paradigm to favour and better the lives and general livelihood of the common Liberian.

Liberia and Liberians have suffered and wallowed too long in the valley of abject artificial poverty and deprivation, when, regardless of the current global economic downturn, if their leaders have shown sincere patriotism, selflessness, economic discipline and prudence, systematic and good governance best practice, Liberia and Liberians would have been one of the most prosperous countries in Africa and the world over.

I am of the firm opinion that if your government focuses on putting the right and qualified people in the right places, elevates the RULE OF LAW over and above all, (without regard to persons,) reviews the Concessions of the multinational companies (as much as legally and practically possible), such that they become community and nationally friendly, review and monitor our marine and mineral resource operations, strengthen the good governance and integrity institutions, corruption would be greatly controlled  and the resources and revenues of this “extremely (‘overplus’) rich-poor” channelled frantically to improving the private sector, innovatively strengthening  necessary public corporations and public-private sector partnerships, etc., etc., the economic atmosphere would be attractive to foreign direct investments, and consequently drive an economic boom. I will stop here for now with my pro-bono advice and discourse, but as a Pan-Africanist the unending narrative continues in the cause of the peoples and nations of Africa.

May the good, merciful and generous LORD make you selfless and considerately disciplined to change the paradigm and governance of this very naturally endowed land of liberty, into an enviable destination for all and sundry? GOD BLESS THIS GLORIOUS LAND OF LIBERTY!! 

Best Regards,

Rev. Dr. Abraham J. Williiams

  • Missionary & Church Leadership Educator
  • International Rights Advocate/Expert
  • Pan-Africanist


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