A Grave Act of Wickedness and Abuse of Power: Some of the reasons why CDC led government lost the 2023 Presidential elections

In 2017, many Liberians had hope that then Senator Weah’s love for Liberia would motivate him to improve the living conditions for millions of Liberians. One of those individuals is Professor Bestman Larmena. a former Deputy Sheriff who dreamed of returning to serve his country with the rebuilding process.

To achieve that, he sacrificed his savings and mortgage his home in California to begin constructing a compound in the Township of Marshall that would have eventually cost half-million United States dollars at completion. Unfortunately, in 2018, Jerome George Korkoyah, then Chairman of National Elections Commission purchased the land under his property at roof level unknown to him and other victims.

Professor Bestman Larmena stated that he met with Jerome Korkoyah at his Rehab residence and that was where he was told about the land sale. Jerome Korkoyah had purchased the land under his property with complete secrecy.  Korkoyah stated “I learned that you own the property in Marshall. I have purchased the land which the property is on and according to the laws of Liberia, what is on your land is yours to do as you please”.

Mr. Larmena stated that he was shocked to hear this and informed Korkoyah it was impossible because his family had purchased the land in 2010. According to Larmena, Korkoya then decided to file an eviction notice to take his property and he resisted because Korkoyah offered that the only option was for him to take $50,000 cash and walk away.

For Mr. Larmena, that wasn’t an option because he had spent closed to $150,000 at the time and he believed that Korkoyah was using his influence to scare him off. Mr. Larmena further stated that Korkoyah, Cllr. Albert Sims and others boldly told him that he could never win the case unless he had executive influence because Korkoyah was powerful.

It was at that time that he reached out to Sekou Kalasco Damaro but to no avail. Mr. Larmena stated that after spending close to $17,000, on legal fees other cost, Jerome George Korkoyah ultimately won the case as predicted, despite evidence that suggested the deed Korkoya had was not a legal deed.

Mr. Larmena stated that he sought relieve at the Supreme Court of Liberia, but that effort was short lived in less than 14 months when Korkoyah again used his influenced to have his appeal dismissed in September 2020. On October 10, 2020, his property which stood at a value of about $250,000 was demolished with the presence of Armed Security personal from National Security Agency and other security agencies.

According to Mr. Larmena, he was informed by several sources that then Minister of State, Nathaniel McGill had influenced the demolition and had control over the land.

Mr. Larmena is now one of the happiest Liberians and a Professional who is preparing to return to Liberia to seek Justice now that CDC government will relinquish power soon. He is also returning to contribute to the Security Sector. Professor Bestman Larmena has a M.S. Criminology. B.S. Criminal Justice. Former Deputy Sheriff with advance Law Enforcement certification and a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps (Sergeant).

More details on this case will be provided periodically until justice is served.

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