2nd Consultative Meeting of the North America Chapter NDC Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

L/R: Alaric K. Tokpa and Dougbeh Chris Nyan

From Friday, July 29 to Saturday, July 30, 2022, the second Consultative Meeting of the North America Chapter of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) convened on Sharon Hill in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the United States of America.

The two-day meeting which convened in an atmosphere of cordiality and mutual respect brought together Liberians of like minds from around the United States of America.

Taking place in the presence of the national and international leaders of the NDC (Alaric Tokpa, NDC National Chairman, Nyaquoi Kargbo, NDC Political Leader and Dougbeh Chris Nyan, NDC International Vice Chairman), the meeting reviewed developments in the NDC North America Chapter, paid attention to progress made in the formation of the Democratic Alliance of Liberia (DAL), and studied ways of involving diaspora Liberians in the DAL process.

The meeting frowned on the ineffective and tyrannical management of Liberia by the George Weah government and denounced the breakdown of security in the country. Accordingly, the meeting strongly condemned the brutal attack by the Weah dictatorship on the peaceful protestors of the Student Unification Party (SUP),

University of Liberia during the July 26th Fix-The-Country Campaign in front of the United States Embassy compound in Monrovia. The NDC North America Consultative Meeting therefore called for the immediate arrest and prosecution of the planners and perpetrators of the violence against the SUP Fix-The-Country peaceful protestors.

Further, the meeting assessed the deteriorating national security environment under the CDC autocracy of President George Weah. Thus, the meeting participants unanimously decided to encourage the national leadership of the NDC to pay close attention to the demands of the times by: (1) immediately increasing support for the NDC Intelligence and Protection Units and (2) activating Medical Emergency Response Teams around Liberia.

The meeting expressed concern that the legislative and presidential elections of 2023 in Liberia are crucial for the healthy survival of the country. In that regard, the meeting decided that the North America Chapter of the NDC will strongly stand in the forefront of the mobilization of support for the participation of the DAL in election 2023 for the main purpose of ending the cruel administration of Mr. George Weah, the dictator.

The meeting hailed the participation of the NDC in the organization of the Democratic Alliance of Liberia (DAL) and encouraged the NDC national leadership to continue to participate in the organization of the DAL. The meeting further emphasized the need for the NDC to continue to work with other political parties and Liberians in the mobilization of the opposition around the interest of the country and the Liberian people.

Done This 30th Day of July 2022 on Sharon Hill, in the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America


James Josiah – Vice Chair for Administration NDC North America Chapter


Dougbeh Chris Nyan – Vice Chair for International Affairs


Alaric K. Tokpa

National Chairman

Nyaquoi K. Kargbo

NDC Political Leader

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