Zambian Writer’s Insults Against Liberia’s President-elect, Vice President-elect Irritates U.S. Based Liberian Rights Advocate

, Mr. J. Nhinson Williams

A U.S. based Liberian rights advocate, Mr. J. Nhinson Williams have written a ‘Protest Letter’ to an official of the United Nations, Ambassador Lazarous  Kapambwe Zimbia Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York, making reference of recent publication by Mainda Simataa entitled: “Liberia Has Gone To The Dogs: Footballer George Weah Will Be The Ultimate American Puppet President.”  since

Ambassador Lazarous Kapambwe Zimbia Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York

In his letter of protest dated on January 9, 2018 addressed to the Zambian UN official, the U.S. based Liberians said his protest is due to the unruly attitude of Mainda Simataa, a Zambian citizen towards the leaders of Liberia.

Below is the full text of Mr. Williams’ Protest Letter:

Jones Nhinson Williams

Washington, DC

Tel. 443 687 0874

January 9, 2018

H.E. Lazarous Kapambwe

Permanent Representative of Zambia to the UN

237 East 52nd Street,

New York, NY 10022

Dear Ambassador Kapambwe:

Compliments of the Season! My name is Jones Nhinson Williams, a Liberian citizen resident in the United States, and a professional within the government systems of the United States.

I am writing to protest the unruly attitude of some of your citizens towards the leaders of Liberia.  Of particular concern is a young man named Mainda Simataa, a self-professed and indiscipline ‘socialist’.  Little Simataa has developed the habit of insulting the president-elect and vice president-elect of Liberia as well as the Liberian people.

Mainda Simataa, a Zambian writer

First and foremost, Liberia is not a socialist nation and Simataa is not a Liberian.  He has no business engaging in Liberian affairs and especially Liberian politics.  Assuming he has interest in addressing issues relating to Africa, of which Liberia is a part, he is at liberty to do so without insulting people we cherish as our leaders.  Imagine, if young Liberian citizens, many of whom are more educated and write better than little Simataa, could get on social media and use the Internet to rain insults and vulgar language on President Edgar C. Lungu and his wife Esther Lungu as well as against the Zambian people, how will you feel?

In Liberia, we are politically active and engaging but we do so with civility.  If civility is not part of Zambia’s political and social culture, it is the duty of Zambians to limit such attitude within the borders of their country.

Little Simataa poses as a so-called secretary general of the “Economic Liberation Association of Zambia (ELA).  No Liberian is a member of such outlandish entity.  Besides his entity is a within the enclave of Zambia.  Therefore, its activities must be confined to that.   For your reference, here are two of his most disgusting trashes he wrote about Liberia and Liberian leaders on his ideologically twisted blog:

Liberia has more activists and perhaps politically serious intellectuals than most African nations, including Zambia but we are taught to put forth our disagreements and arguments without insulting leaders and being rude. No Liberian as far as I know has insulted the leader of another African nation on social media or through any other electronic means.

In addition, having reviewed all the trash little Simatta and his insane peers have written about Zambia, not a single one of them has rained insults on President Edgar Lungu of Zambia or his wife Esther Lungu.  But these creeps have the nerves to insult the president-elect of Liberia and the vice president-elect, who is a woman of substance in her own right.

This letter is an official protest from me as a Liberian citizen and I can assure you it reflects the will of my fellow Liberians.  We demand a very serious action by your government on this issue.  The people of Liberia demand an apology and action of deterrence. Liberians are capable of using social media to rain insults on the leaders of Zambia. There are more Liberians on social media than Zambians, and Liberians use the social media far more than Zambians. But insulting leaders because we disagree with them is not the culture of our society.

If Zambian parents cannot teach their children how to respect their leaders and the Zambian society and government do not educate their citizens on how to be cordial, respectful and discipline in putting forward their views, it is not the responsibility of Liberia and Liberians.  We take serious exception to your government and country’s desire to embolden some of its rowdy citizens to rain insults on the leaders of other sovereign nations.  It is not free speech, neither is it democracy because both free speech and democracy go hand in hand with responsibility and discipline.

I look forward to hearing from you and also on the action of your government and country in this regard.


Jones Nhinson Williams

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