Youth/Student Activist, Martin K. N. Kollie Leaving University Graduation Gone Missing ? 

Martin K. N. Kollie, a 2019 University of Liberia Graduate has reportedly gone missing

Sources closed to local media in the Liberian capital, Monrovia has hinted that Martin K.N. Kollie, youth activist and student leader at the state run University of Liberia, and also one of the lead campaign runners of the pending ‘Weah Step down’, planned protest has reportedly  gone missing.

According to the Martin K.N. Kollie’s family source who bagged not to be named for fear, told journalists in Monrovia that the alleged victim who was returning home from the University of Liberia graduation did not return up to 10:00 pm local time, a situation that drew the attention of many including his fellow students who also received their Degrees.

The source further stated that members of the family began gathering information about Martin Kollie when they were told by some of his friends that he and his driver were manhandled by some unknown men and taken to an unknown destination.

The driver of the vehicle that Kollie riding who according to the source sustained serious injuries, and is currently attainting to medical treatment at a local clinic in the Paynesville suburb. Even though this  claim has not be independently verified.

When ask about the vehicle in which the pairs was riding, the source declined to comment further.

However, when reporters contacted Martin K.N.  Kollie through his available mobile phone numbers all appeared to  still switch off.

Meanwhile,  Police spokesman Moses Carter  has denied receipt of any information from Mr. Martin Kollie family about their son or family member gone missing.

Cater told  reporters that the Liberian National Police have not received any information about the disappearance of Mr. Kollie and will not yield to social media Facebook post as a bases for decision.

The news about the disappearance of student leader Martin K.N. Kollie surface early this morning through a post by talk show host Henry Costa, who is also the main campaigner of the ‘Weah Step down campaign’.

Mr. Kollie, is the student leader of the student Unification Party-SUP, at the University of Liberia, youth advocate and one of the full runner of the ‘Weah step down campaign’.

It may be recalled Martin K.N. Kollie, including Senator Darius Dillion and talk show host Henry Costa, were apart of a planned meeting with deputy Secretary for Domestic Affairs, at the White House in Washington D.C., the United States when the meeting was abruptly call off.

In recent days, Martin Kollie has openly challenged the government economic Management team on its fiscal policy and economic reforms. Investigation continues.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting

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