Young Liberian Fear For His Life, Flee Home Country

A three-bedroom house in the Township of Louisiana, Caldwell community was on November 13, 2023 burnt down completely.

The incident left two persons badly injured with several properties worth over US$10,000.00 damaged.

Unlike the other fire outbreak which claimed the lives of five (5) people in Caldwell New Georgia, community dwellers are quite certain that this one was an attempted murder attack.

Arson attacks has recently become an efficient way of disguising murders in the Caldwell region.

The burnt house belongs to Miss Evangeline Doe who is the biological

mother of James, Diamond, Jackelyn and Daniel S. Doe.

Mrs. Doe and several other family members who were housed in the building managed to survive the incident, which left two persons badly injured.

Those said to have been injured by the fire were two boys who had moved in to live with Mrs. Doe for schooling.

According to some community dwellers interviewed on the scene, the fire outbreak was a result of a petrol bomb that was thrown by some individuals residing in the area.

Arthur Mulbah, a community elder, explained that it all began at 1:30 AM when he heard a heavy sound outside and later shouted “fire!”.

Elder Mulbah indicated that while shouting “fire!”, some members of the community rushed out of their houses and ran to help put off the fire and rescue the family.

Yet, despite their efforts the fire had already escalated to the point where the main entrance was engulfed flames.

But with the help of ladders, they managed to burst open the window

glasses so that the family could climb out.

The two boys whose room was on the far end of the house were the last ones to get out and suffered injuries inflicted by the splinter glasses and

the debris.

As a result of the fire incident being blamed on petrol bomb, family members revealed that the perpetrators have been desperately trying to kill the elder son Daniel Doe because they view him as a threat to them in an ongoing land dispute case.

Even the second son James said that strange men with knives have chased him on several occasions mistaken him for his elder brother Daniel S. Doe.

Prior to the petrol bomb incident, family members disclosed that the individuals who tried to kill them were the very same group of people who threaten the eldest son Daniel S. Doe for which he had to flee the country.

Daniel had been receiving death threats from several individuals including other family members due to a land dispute they had in 2020 to 2021 but

was resolved by the Civil Law Court,  after his family won the case against the individuals who claimed to be the legitimate owners of the parcel of land.

He had earlier accused several individuals of illegally encroaching on their properties.

Family members believe that the attackers were misinformed that Daniel had arrived back in the country and that’s why they decided to attack at that time.

It is believed that the attackers could have been any of many opposing parties who are in land conflict with the Doe family such as Louise Clark, Anthony Gbenee, Stanley S. Bethune, Walter W. Libur, Victor Pyne Solomon T.P. Edward and Mrs. Louise Tarr.

They stated that Louise Clark, who was brought into the family by his grandfather, has always been the mastermind behind the land crisis.

They added that Louise Clarke has been fighting to take ownership of the property on grounds that she was step daughter of Doe’s grandfather.

Daniel’s mother narrated that her father dragged Louise Clarke to court on several occasions and won the case as the legitimate owner of the property.

However, after Doe’s grandfather died, Louise Clarke resumed her pursuit to claim the property.

Daniel’s mother noted after they won the case in 2021 at the Civil Law Court, Louise Clarke threatened to use charm to drive away Daniel and family and vowed to apply any other means to get the property.

Several individuals including Anthony Gbenee, Stanley S. Bethune, Walter W. Libur, Victor Pyne Solomon, T. P. Edward and Mrs. Louise Tarr got together before Daniel’s departure and chased him with machetes as result, he went into hiding for over one month.

It can be recalled that his mother and her two brothers inherited said property after Daniel’s grandfather, being the legal owner of the property, inherited said property from Daniel’s grandaunt because she did not have a biological child.

The police are currently carrying out an investigation into the matter However, it is sad to say that such investigations may not lead to anything substantial in a country such as Liberia.

As it stands, Daniel fears for his life as these individuals are still after him and keep calling his phone number just to track him down.

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