World Bank Liberia has a New Country Manager

New World Bank Country manager for Liberia Khwima Nthara

The World Bank has named Mr. Khwima Nthara as the new Country Manager for Liberia. Mr.  Nthara will be succeeding Ms. Larisa Leshchenko who comes to the end of her tenure on July 31.

Mr. Nthara, a Malawian national, joined the Bank in 2005 as an Economist in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department. He comes to Liberia with extensive World Bank experience in the field and at headquarters. He is currently an Economic Adviser in the World Bank Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS) Vice Presidency in Washington D.C., where his main duties include providing advice and guidance to senior management and task teams on the Bank’s strategic approaches to supporting client countries, as well as on specific financing instruments, such as budgetary support. Prior to this position, Mr. Nthara has held various field positions in the Africa, and East Asia and Pacific Regions, including as Program Leader in Nigeria and Senior Country Economist for Nigeria, Myanmar, and Malawi.

Before joining the World Bank, Mr. Nthara had worked as an Economics Lecturer at the University of Malawi, Country Manager for the Malawi Trade and Poverty Program, and Country Manager for Deloitte’s Development Consulting Practice.

In his new position, Mr. Nthara will lead the Bank’s day-to-day dialogue with the government and key stakeholders in Liberia on a broad range of policy issues including implementation of the Country Partnership Framework in support of the development priorities of the Liberian government. He will also manage the country office, provide leadership, and mentor staff in implementing the priorities of the new Africa Strategy.

Mr. Nthara holds a Ph.D. in Economics and a Master’s degree in Economics of Developing Countries, both from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

His appointment takes effect on August 1, 2019.

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