‘Women Of Grace’ Arrives In Liberia From U.S. To Honor VP Taylor and First Lady Clair Weah

Women of Grace arrives in Liberia

Members of the Women of Grace, a US-based Liberian Christian women group are expected to arrive in Liberia this week as guest of the Liberia First Lady, Clair Marie Weah and the Vice President of Liberia, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor for their ascendancy and manifest commitment to facilitate change in the Liberian society.

According to a dispatch, during their stay in the County, the two Liberian distinguished ladies will be honored for their commitment to women and children issues since becoming Vice President and First Lady respectively, and VP Taylor for being the first woman democratically elected vice president of Liberia.

The group has also planned to work with the Liberian First Lady Clair Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor to initiate a merit-based and need-based scholarship program for Liberian girls at both high school and college levels.

The Women of Grace was founded few years ago in Philadelphia, USA as a Christian women prayer and nonprofit group that encourages divine prayers, peace and reconciliation efforts as well as the socio-economic empowerment of abused women and disadvantaged children such as those with blindness or sight problems, developmental disabilities both in the United States and West Africa, specifically Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Ivory Coast––the Mano River Union sub-region nations.

The dispatch quoting the President of the group, Felicia Q. Garlo said while in the Country several visits will be made to organizations that are catering to the welfare of children, and other humanitarian NGOs.

In the United States, the Women of Grace group has collected and distributed various items, including food and clothes to vulnerable families and individuals. In West Africa, the group has been making a steady impact by assisting communities and families in need on a smaller scale and at community levels.

The Women of Grace group plans to increase its focus to Liberia in the next few years, promising to construct a learning and recreation center for blind and disadvantaged Liberian children as well as offer spiritual, social and economic support and assistance to abused women and girls.

The group said it will seek to work with both the Liberian First Lady and the vice president in advocating and supporting blind people, disadvantaged children and abused women in Liberia.

The US delegation to Liberia will be led by the group’s president Ms. Felicia Quayea Garlo. Other executive members of the group include Ms. Delby Dian, Ms. Debra Doerue, Ms. Victoria Myers, Ms. Zoe Washington, Ms. Dawolo Nyezee, Ms. Boduo Nyanu, and Ms. Rita Flahn.

Members of the group are spread throughout the United States.  The group which is open to all women and races is a 501 (c)3 organization in the United States.   The group encourages Liberian and other African women and girls to join its ranks and causes.

“We want to encourage our communities to seek God and to look to Christ as their solutions. Our purpose is to sacrifice our time and energy towards helping women and children in need. We hope to further our ministry by building institutions to shelter and provide for battered women and blind children in need,” the group maintains.

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