Woman seals her private parts with glue, attempts to frame former boyfriend for crime

A 36-year-old woman has been convicted of falsely accusing her former boyfriend of sealing her private parts with glue in Bembimbre town of Spain.

In a bizarre incident, a 36-year-old woman has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for falsely accusing her former boyfriend of sealing her vagina with glue in Bembimbre town of Spain. Investigations revealed that the woman, identified as Vanesa Gesto, had herself squeezed the adhesive into her private parts.

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CCTV footage reveals truth

Gesto had alleged that her ex-boyfriend, identified as Ivan Rico (36), abducted her from outside her house in a black car and later abandoned her in a semi-naked state after glueing up her vagina. However, her lies came to the fore after the investigation officers examined CCTV footage from a supermarket.

In the footage, Gesto was seen purchasing the adhesive and knives that she used for inflicting injuries on herself. The investigation officers, with the help of the CCTV footage, also found that no black car passed the spot, where she claimed to have been subjected to assault and torture by Rico, according to a report by Mirror.

Innocent man remanded in prison for several days

Police had remanded Rico in prison for several days before Gesto’s story unravelled. A Leon court in North Spain on Thursday convicted her of falsely framing an innocent person in a criminal case and sentenced her to ten years in jail. She has also been ordered to pay 25,000 Euros as compensation to Rico.

Another incident

In another incident, a man was booked for putting chilli powder in his wife’s private parts after she refused to make tea for his mother. The incident took place in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad last month. The affected woman, in her complaint to the police, stated that her husband thrashed her with a stick after she refused to make tea for his mother-in-law and later rubbed chilli powder on her private parts.

Source: www.timesnews.com

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