Woman Gashes Boy, 9, With Razor Blade For Allegedly Sealing L$500

Little Daniel gashed for allegedly stealing Five Hundred Dollars of Three United States Dollar

The action on the part of Patience Nagbe to badly gash her son, Daniel Nagbe for allegedly stealing Five Hundred Liberian Dollars or Three United States Dollars drew the attention of residents of Camp Three in Barclayville City, Grantd Kru County recently, according to a local news outlet (INEWS).

The nine years old boy hands were cash with razorblade by his mother under the pretense that she was training the child, refusing to know that it was very inhume to use a sharp object like razorblade to gash this little child.

She is said to have angrily grabbed the hands of the little boy and used razor blade to gash the backs of his hands.

When the news went viral, officers of the Liberia National Police assigned in Grand Kru County, immediately rushed to Camp #3 and arrested Patience. She is currently in custody awaiting court trial.

It can be recalled in March 2021, an 11-year-boy in Maryland County, was tied and severely flogged by his parents for allegedly stealing unspecified cash. This news went viral on the social media and there was no precedent set on the parents that could serve as deterrent for others.

Little Settle Johnson’s face was scarred by her stepmom Again, in the same March, a lady identified as Mambo Johnson, grabbed her stepdaughter Settle Johnson, and humiliated or abused her right by placing a knife over a hot coal pot and later placing the hot knife on her body

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