Woman Arrested For Squeezing Husband’s Private Part To Death

By E. Varney Kamah

Police in the southeastern county of Maryland have arrested a 35-year-old Josephine Diabeh for allegedly killing her husband, identified as Nathaniel Z. William during a fistfight on October 18, 2022 in the commercial city of Pleebo, Maryland County.

According to our Correspondent in the county, the woman was charged with manslaughter, and sent to the Pleebo Magisterial Court for further prosecution. The late Nathaniel Zambia Williams, 43 years old was former security officer assigned at the Orange Tower in Pleebo.

The sadden death of the 43 years old man has claimed the attention of several citizens of the county, with many expressing fears of the incident. However, some men who spoke to the GNN said they are threatened of the situation, and the manner how their colleague was killed by his wife.

According to eyewitnesses, during the fistfight between the couple, the woman in question reportedly squeezed the private parts of her husband during the fistfight which suddenly led to his death.  A closed relative of the deceased in a chat with our correspondent revealed that Ms. Diabeh and their junior brother were involved in a serious fight that led to his sudden death upon arriving at a local hospital in the county.

An Eye witness told police that suspect Josephine allegedly squeezed her husband’s private part (testicles) during the fistfight that got him powerless, and drooped instantly. Meanwhile, Josephine has been placed behind bars awaiting further investigation.

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