Woman, 31, Appears In Court For Trafficking Liberian Girls To Oman

By Dyujay Jackson

Photo: Getty Images (Flash back: Woman being handcuffed)

Police in Monrovia have investigated charged and sent to court a 31, years ago woman identified as Retina Capehart  for her alleged involvement into  recruiting several Liberian girls to Oman.

Those Trafficked to Oman by defendant Capehart include, Beray Z Philips, Gift Slangon , Vivian Slangon ,others are Grace Slangon, Naomi Z Koso, Lucy Lahai, Riena Kartee and Princess A. Marshall.

According to the Liberia National Police charged sheet the name victims are currently in a state of slavery and human rights abuses.

Police further disclosed that victims Massa Bah and Lahai were also recruited and transported to Oman in 2021 by the name defendant, but had since return to Liberia in February of this based on a complaint filed by the LNP and its intervention.

The Police charged sheet quoted Meleke the Fiancé of victim Massa, who explain that Massa was recruited by defendant Retina Capehart alias Aisha Kelleh with an understanding of her getting a job and earning US$500 monthly ,but surprisingly she was only being paid 70.00 rails (US$170) equivalent monthly.

He further explain that Aisha promised to return to Oman a week later after his fiancée had travelled but failed to return to Oman and had been living in Liberia up to present.

Also narrating their ordeal is Michael Koso ,the husband of victim Naomi Koso  said his wife was also recruited by defendant Retina Capehart to Oman under the so pretend that she was going to work and earned 800.00 united States Dollars something that didn’t materialize as many other family members explain the same situation to police investigators.

During the review of the facts and circumstances surrounding the recruitment, transportation, transfer or receiving of persons by means of fund, deception, purpose of exploitation among others statement from the victim’s family are truth.” The Police investigators said.

The Police investigators also lamented that it was established in the investigation that after victim Massa Bah was taken to Oman, her passport was seized, and she was excommunicated from her family and was ill-treated.

The Liberia National Police revealed that the suspect Retina Capehart lived in the UAE in 2018 and later moved to Oman where she stay and worked as housemaid for two years (June 2019 to march 2021).

That the suspect Retina Capehart alias Aisha Kelleh during her recruitment inform the victim of receiving US$500 as monthly salary while in Oman where as she was being paid US$170 monthly.

Meanwhile the Liberia National Police has charge defendant Retina Capehart with the commission of the crimes “Trafficking in Persons and Forgery “which according to them violates section 2 A and B and 15.70 of the new trafficking in persons act and the penal law of Liberia pending court trial.

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