Witch-Hunt Enters RIA Drugs Bust As Leonard Hina, Others Suspected Of Having Secret Recordings

As the Americans and the international community keep the eyes on Liberia as large sum of dangerous narcotics drugs infiltrating Liberia boarders and Airport, the CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit organize by the Congress of Democratic Change CDC have taken charge to eliminate anything they sees as a threat to the survival of President George M. Weah second term election bid.

The CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit has a history of perpetrating serious violence and harm on some prominent citizens in the Republic of Liberia, within the Liberian security sector, politicians, etc.

CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit was led by Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee when they enter district 13 in 2018 and destroy the Unity Party campaign of Madam Cornelius Kruah Togba in New Georgia estate.

CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit also led a massive destruction on Liberty party headquarters in 2018.

There are reports that it was the CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit who was charge with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess that led to the death of four auditors that is still being questioned by the Liberian people.

CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit members are planted within the national securities apparatus and are committing many crimes around here.

The latest reports is that the CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit have been instructed to clean up the mess and has arrested, detained and interrogated some young man and women who they suspected of recording the recent drugs bust and documents at the Roberts International Airport in Liberia.

According to reports, there were some men including one Leonard B. Hina of the Robert Flight Information who they suspected to have been present when the drugs were being taken from Kenya Airways and was being recorded.

According to reports, they accuse Leonard Hina of being the led suspect that send the recordings and the flight information to spoon FM CEO, Stanton Witherspoon.

As of this publications, the whereabouts Leonard Hina remains unknown as information receive that he was release to go and take bath and come back for further investigation but is said to have escape for the fear of his life.

In a related development, Leonard Hina apartment in the duport road area was ransack by unknown men in search of him and documents in his possession.

Leonard Hina girlfriend miss Mariama W Kaba was also harassed, intimidated and interrogated by some unknown men believe to be members of the CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit on the whereabouts her boyfriend since he was release to change his clothes and go back for investigation.

Miss Mariama W Kaba cannot be found up to press time to comment on information of her being harassed, intimidated and interrogated by members of the CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit due to her personal safety.

As it relates to CDC Militants, formally Sabu Unit, in August of 2019, miss Telia Urey narrowly escaped death in district 15 attack after they diverted their attention on her father’s car that they chase and burn causing her to be save.

Leonard Hina has been consider as a great threat to the re-election of President George Weah, a threat to the CDC led government and a threat to the Chief of Protocol to the Executive Mansion Finda Bondoo whose name was on the document recorded and the consignee of the drugs that was brought in on August 13, 2023.

It can be recall that the Liberian government launched an investigation into the origin of several boxes containing illegal substances confiscated at Roberts International Airport in Harbel, lower Margibi.

On Monday, Liberian newspaper FrontPage Africa reported the discovery of 100 boxes containing illicit drugs that arrived in Liberia on Aug. 31, through Kenya Airways. The boxes bypassed the watchful eye of the head of security at the airport.

Following the revelation, the Liberia Airport Authority disclosed the boxes contained green leaf stevia or organic stevia leaves — also known as Moringa — which is usually used in tea. The leaves were said to be in customs custody and would be turned over to the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, LDEA, for further testing.

On Tuesday, the Justice Ministry, through the Ministry of Information, issued a statement confirming the interception of the boxes

The statement said the seized boxes — packaged and in natural form — at the Roberts International Airport included methamphetamine.

The statement said Justice Minister Frank Musah Dean had ordered the Joint Security of Liberia and the LDEA to expand their investigations into the importation of illegal drugs and to bring those involved to book.

Neither the minister of justice nor the minister of information was available for comment.

Michael Jipply, the public relations officer of the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency, said following the opening of cartons in the packages, a substance believed to be narcotics was discovered.

“A sample was brought to town through our lab technicians, and it is confirmed that indeed those substances believed to be narcotics tested positive for methamphetamine,” he told VOA.

Eddie Jarwolo, the executive director of Naymote, a civil society group promoting democracy and human rights, says he is not satisfied with the government’s response.

“For the LDEA to come up after almost 10 days is belated; even the Information Ministry statement is belated,” he said. “The government should not take the issue of drugs lightly. Drugs can undermine the peace and stability of the country. Since Aug. 30, the boxes were seized, and today is the 12th. Why did they take that long after they said it was moringa? It is a total contradiction.”

In May, after a months-long trial, a Monrovia jury acquitted four men linked to the illegal transportation of $100 million worth of drugs into Liberia.

After their acquittal, the men left the country. The government has yet to make public who brought the drugs into Liberia.

The latest confiscation of illicit drugs has raised more questions, especially as the country is set to vote in presidential and parliamentary elections on Oct. 10.

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