Winners Customers Cry For Help

Several customers at the Winners betting office on broad street are calling on the National Lottery Authority (NLA) to shut its offices down for better improvement as the environment is not healthy.

According to the aggrieved customers, the office where betting takes place is congested all day with customers struggling to get fresh air.

Our reporters who visited the office said many of the customers were seen blowing themselves with papers, some sweating and cleaning it with their hands.

“This place is like an oven. They do not have air conditioner. Even if they are here, they are not working well,” Papee L. Smith, a customer at the center told our reporter who visited the place last week.

Upon entering the center, dozens of people clustered in place were seen betting with no space for the other to move.

“I think it is important for NLA to either close this office down and instruct them to improve the quality of services here or something better is done,” a lady only identified as T. Girl said.

She said, the condition, if remains as it is, has the potential to lead to serious outbreak of disease in this place.

Over ten customers who spoke with various reporters at their broad street office said, they were betting under poor health environment and needed the condition to improve.

“Winner is making lots of money in this country and they need to improve the condition.  But we want for NLA to come in and act,” Roland T. Teah said.

But the Operations Manager of Winners that spoke with journalists said they were working to improve the condition.

Abraham K. Kollon, Operations Manager said, “yes, our office is filled because we do instant payment when our customers win. We don’t wait for two or three days. People come there to play their bets and even participate in riffle draw where they can win over L$5,000.00 while waiting for their main tickets.”

He added, “we have the customers based that’s why our areas always filled. You know everywhere you find group of people, you must find heat because such won’t be like ordinary facilities. But we are finding solutions by spreading across the city to give our customers easy access.”

He confirmed the unhealthy condition, but   accused people he called ‘detractors.’

“We have been in Liberia for over a decade, why now that people talking about heat. We are winners, we are not afraid because the Israeli who own this business believe in straight forward business. They don’t cheat and we have impacted the lives of several Liberians and others in a positive way. They know their true business partner in the gaming industry.”

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