William Tuider Wins DNA Party Nomination

By Amos Harris

The Democratic National Alliance Party (DNA), has nominated William Tuider as their  Standard Bearer of the Democratic National Alliance Party (DNA)

During their two-day convention held in Ganta, Nimba County over the weekend, Tuider’s two rivals endorsed his candidacy at the last minute.

According to party  Executives, their  political leader Mr. Tuider is the most qualified candidate with not only the charisma, but most importantly the international and global connections to attract investments and build a transformative Liberia.

Tuider in his acceptance speech thanked his two opponents and promised to build bridges and support political dissent within the Party.

Also, he promised to leverage his connections and create a pro- business environment in Liberia to make it easy for businesses and individuals to contribute to building Liberia.

 He stressed that the foundation for his vision will be based on a strong rule of law and accountability.

The newly elected political Leader of DNA assures that if elected president of Liberia, he will not be greedy but rather put the country’s interest above self-interest.

He further laid out his vision for what he called “the Liberian Transformation Project” A project, according to him, will be based on the people’s mandate.

“A mandate that requires massive investments on the agriculture value chain to create thousands of jobs and put money in the pockets of suffering families” Mr Tuider noted.

He also talked about investments in healthcare including chains of medical laboratories across the country to properly diagnose curable illnesses and find rapid treatments to save lives.

Among other visions, DNA Newly elected Political stressed for a need to invest in national security to maintain peace and stability.

Meanwhile, several other Party leaders were elected along Mr. Tuider to lead their party to the upcoming October elections during their Ganta ,Nimba convention.

Those elected at their Nimba convention are:

William W. Tuider  Standard Bearer, Emmanuel Koko Adams – National Chairman, Reginald K.S. Taylor – Vice Chair Mobilization, Recruitment and Membership, Mark Wleh  Tuider – Vice Chair for Operations, Sparta S. Ballah – Vice Chair for finance and investment, Deacon Stephen Harmon- Vice Chair for inter-party and governmental affairs and Diplomacy,  Shadrick Q. Browne – Vice Chair for research, planning and policy, Rev. Dr. Frederick  Sartee – National Chaplain General, Ishmael  Foday Keita – Secretary General, Samuel  Baryo – National Treasurer, Cynthia  Fatamata  Yangbie – Deputy Secretary General,Isaac Levi Flomo – Deputy secretary for Mobilization, Recruitment and Membership, Thomas Skinner –  Deputy Secretary General for Social Welfare, Nana L. Simpson – Deputy Secretary General for Finance and Investment, Ortega  Saydee Z.  Sayweah – Deputy Secretary for Press and Public Affairs, Mrs. Margaret Cooper – National Women Chair and Larry Sharlty – National Youth Chair.

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