Wife Linked To Husband’s Mysterious Death?

Joseph Blama

The story of Joseph Blama who went missing on March 25, 2022 in St. John City, Grand Bassa County after 25 members of Madam Martha Doe’s prayer band gathered for prayer has taken another dramatic turn, as a closed relative of Asatu Blama; the wife of the missing man has released startling revelations about the whereabouts of the man in question.

According to a written communication in the possession of this outlet by a lady who claimed to be a closed relative of Asatu Blama and preferred not to be named said, Asatu Blama is linked to the death surrounding her late husband.

Narrating detail of the story in her written communication said, “On March 24, 2022 I went to visit Asatu at her house around 7pm when I got there, I saw two Nigerians alone with one Liberian they were in a heated argument, and they were asking for her husband who was not around, while in that process, one of the Nigerians said, If she doesn’t show her husband the thing they want to do to him they will do it to her”, she explained in her communication.

Explaining further she went on, “When I tried to ask them, they said to me I should shut my mouth. In fact, they will not allow me to get outside because I have listened to all their conversations; the said Mr. Blama received huge amount of money to carry out some operation for them. At that time Asatu told them that her husband was in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County. So if they can drive there she will call her husband, this situation was like I was in hostage. We got in a black jeep along with one small red car driving behind us”, she said in the communication.

The communication further continued, “We got in Grand Bassa County to a place called Waka Town where she placed a call to her husband around 11pm. I can still remember, her husband came to Waka Town motorbike, and they asked him to get in the black jeep which he did with Asatu Blama and they all left together, and me and the other drive came back to Monrovia. The drive warned me strongly that if the secret leak, I will not live to tell the story. I could remember one person name, his name is Samuel Akora”, she explained further in the communication.

“The next day, I went to Asatu and I heard that her husband was missing, because of that I have been in fear from the time her husband got missing until this date. And I got to know that her husband went to a prayer woman. I even visited the court during the trial and I said to myself, they are just suffering that poor prayer woman. The reason I am exposing my own relative is because she had been in many dangerous activities with nthis man. So my conscious will not serve me right if I see that poor innocent woman in for mothing trouble. On many occasions I tried to tell Asatu to confess what she did, she will say, the man look for it, in this matter, I have no other thing against my own relative, but she is evil, and danger so I have every right to expose her before the poor innocent gets in to trouble”, the communication concluded.

The lifeless body of 45-year-old Joseph Blama, who went missing for several days following a quest for deliverance from a popular Prayer Warrior, Martha Doe, has been discovered with parts allegedly extracted.

The lifeless body of Blama was discovered in Dwehn’s Town on the St. John River, Grand Bassa County. Blama went missing on March 25, in St. John City, Grand Bassa County after 25 members of Madam Martha Doe’s prayer band gathered for prayer.

The popular prayer warrior Martha Doe, who resides in Buchanan, invited Blama to her Prayer Band in St. John City, in the name of deliverance to enable him to get a job. Blama’s widow, Madam Asatu Blama, confirmed to reporters that the lifeless body was her husband, adding that parts were allegedly extracted.

The cause of death is yet unknown as she reportedly indicated that, after more than a month of searching, her husband is dead without any explanation. It can be recalled that Madam Martha Doe and 12 others were jailed by the Liberian National Police for more than four days before the lifeless body of Joseph Blama was discovered.

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