Who’s telling the Truth on Allegation That Burkinabe Assassins Hired in Monrovia to Kill Journalists?

L/R: Philipbert S. Browne and Nathaniel McClain – both of them at the center of Burkinabe assassins’ allegation

Over the past days,  there has been a scaring information aired on a local radio station that some hired Burkinabe assassins are reportedly in the country to kill some prominent journalists  under the alleged instruction of  Emmanuel  Shaw, a confidant of President Weah.

Appearing on one of Liberia’s popular talk show, ’50-50’ on Sky FM 107.1, Mr. Philibert Browne, publisher of the Hot Pepper newspaper revealed that a local journalist identified as Nathaniel McClain reportedly informed him that a group of Burkinabe assassins are in the country on a mission to kill some prominent journalists including he, Philipbert Browne were in the country.

Speaking further, Mr. Browne alleged that Mr. Nathaniel McClain who revealed to him informed him that he was not afraid to be quoted, and also mentioned that during his alleged conversation with Mr. Shaw he was asked as to whether he knew the whereabouts of Mr. Browne or his girlfriend; and that he was prepared to get even with he Mr. Browne.

Few hours after the live interview on ’50-50’, Nathaniel McClain in a rather hash reaction denied ever speaking to Philipbert  Browne on the alleged information that some Burkinabe assassins were in the country to kill some Liberian journalists, and further denied linking Emmanuel Shaw to any plot to kill Mr. Browne.

Both men who were also on the show threw war of words at each other on the allegation, as Mr. Browne repeatedly said he was told by Mr. McClain of the alleged assassins’ allegation, while Mr. Nathaniel McClain who appeared furious denied ever discussing any sensitive issue with Mr. Browne noting that he could not have done that, noting that being a Public Relations Officer to Mr. Emmanuel Shaw  such information released Mr. Browne is what he called a ‘Bloody lie’ damages his relationship with his boss (Emmanuel Shaw).

As the discussion was being held on ’50-50’, the host of the show T-Max Jlateh himself who appeared confused callers on the program began to condemned such discussion which they said had some security implication, calling on the national security to invite both parties for further interrogation.

Liberians and foreign residents many of whom who are confused and expressing fear in this latest information are wondering what next. Now the question many are asking is,  who is telling the truth ? The real truth will be revealed one day.

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