Whooping Cough Kills 1, Affects 300 Kids In Bassa District #2

Flash Back: Mothers with their children at a local health center

One child has died of whooping cough and 300 other children infected in three towns in District #2 in Grand Bassa County, it has been disclosed.

The Officer-in-Charge of the District #2 health center, Alexander Joe, revealed that Kpawootroh Town, Gargar Town and the home town of Chief Zanzan Karwor are areas where cases of whooping cough have been reported.

Joe said the clinical signs and symptoms of whopping cough are red eyes, persistent and uncontrollable coughing and constant flow of tears from the victim’s eyes.

He said swift inventory was carried out through mobile clinic vaccinations with the assistance of LAST Mile Health and the County Health Team.

“The disease is most likely to make its way into Margibi County, because the affected towns are bordering that county,” the OIC told the Liberia News Agency.

Joe pointed out that children infected in the District of Representative Mary Karwor are from the lower ages up to five years.

He expressed fear that the disease could further spread and cause greater damage if the health supplies needed are not provided in a timely manner, adding that “the vaccine for immunization and logistics have finished and are not available.”

Whooping cough is also known as “pertussis,” and is a serious respiratory infection caused by a bacteria called “bordetella pertussis.”

Children affected by this disease experience high-pitch coughing when they inhale deeply.

According to research, Whooping Cough is a childhood disease that was discovered in 1640.

Meanwhile, the Officer-in-Charge of the District #2 Clinic is appealing to the Health Ministry, county authorities, AMERICARES, and other humanitarian groups to urgently intervene to stop the spread of the infant disease across the district and Margibi County.


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