Who won the first presidential debate? Experts grade Trump-Biden mess

By Nolan Hicks | New York Post |

Photo credit: CBS News

President Trump and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, spent more than an hour during the first presidential debate in Cleveland, Ohio, brawling over how best to manage the deadly coronavirus crisis, taxes, climate change, and a host of other domestic policy issues.

The messy debate frequently turned nasty, featuring shouting matches and repeated interruptions that left the moderator — Fox News’ Chris Wallace — and our panel of election experts deeply frustrated.

“Both landed some shots. Both interrupted too much and acted like children,” said Matt Mackowiak, a longtime Republican strategist, podcast host and chairman of the local Republican Party in Austin, Texas.

Another election night analyst for The Post, Liz Benjamin, is no stranger to rough-and-tumble politics. But this veteran of Albany — who covered it as a reporter, columnist and as the former longtime anchor of “Capital Tonight” before becoming a communications consultant — called it a draw.

“This was a wash,” she wrote. “Both candidates accomplished what they had to do by playing to their respective bases and avoiding any disqualifying gaffes.”

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