Who Is Noah Green? 25-Year-Old Is Suspect in Capitol Attack That Killed Officer

By Alexandra Hutzler*

Face Book Credit: Noah Green was identified in the suspect at the incident at the US Capitol on Friday.

Washington D.C. Authorities have identified 25-year-old Indiana native Noah Green as the suspect killed after ramming a vehicle through a barricade at the U.S. Capitol on Friday, hitting two police officers.

Law enforcement identified Green as the suspect, the Associated Press said. An investigation is ongoing into Green’s life and background to try and determine motive and if he had a history of mental health issues, the AP said.

The suspect died after being shot by officers during the episode, acting U.S. Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said during a news conference on Friday afternoon.

The scene unfolded at 1:02 p.m. Eastern Time when the suspect drove into a security checkpoint on Constitution Avenue in Washington D.C.

“The suspect rammed his car into two of our officers and then hit the north barricade barrier,” Pittman said. “At such time the suspect exited the vehicle with a knife in hand. Our officers then engaged that suspect. He did not respond to verbal commands.”

She continued, “The suspect did start lunging toward U.S. Capitol Police officers, at which time U.S. Capitol Police officers fired upon the suspect. At this time the suspect has been pronounced deceased.”

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