When, Did They Join Advocacy?

By Joe Noutoua Wandah, Liberian Journalist |

In recent pass, pages of newspapers and newsrooms has been carrying headlines from a  group identified as  “Cry for Justice” calling for justice according to them due to bad governance and human rights abuses in the last four months of the Unity Party led government after taking over the leadership of Liberia as a advocacy group!

What, I realized of late is that those behind this group are the very people who during the regime under Liberia’s then President George Mannah Weah auditors was murdered because they refused to compromise a very incriminating reports on the coronavirus funding!

Under this very group of people, who today masquerading as an advocacy group crying for justice, student Christopher Walters  Sisulu Sivili, a former student leader at the University of Liberia and a human rights advocate was nearly killed by group of thugs believed to be operatives of the former regime near the United States of America Embassy right before their very eyes and these thugs are yet to be brought to justice!

Interestingly these so-called advocates a Central bank auditors, was killed and four  auditors with their  bodies  placed in different locations in Monrovia and perpetrators are yet to be brought to book! Best to my knowledge a survival Lilea Musu  who currently seeking refuge in the United States of America a friend to the late Bartee Nusuah who according to her narration on Spoon radio/TV the room in the house was spray with substance that weaken them thus putting her into deep unconsciousness when the killing took place!

Precious Cooper was again, was found with blood coming through her mouth and nose broad day light in a compound inhabited at the time by Lebanese nationals around the ELWA junction! Only for Liberians to be told that she died from tuberculosis with this so-called group actors walking around Monrovia not speaking!

Countless atrocious activities happened in those passed years without noticed by this cry for justices’ actors not seeing nothing wrong in term of human rights and bad governance!

It is so unfortunate, for cry for justice to exposed their deceits and hatred in the face of the United States of America 2023 human rights reports  on Liberia which includes significant human rights issues, credible reports of: arbitrary or unlawful killings, including extrajudicial killings, torture or cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment or punishment by the government, or on behalf of the government, hash and life threatening prison conditions  and questionable judicial processes!

As a journalist, who also suffered 72 hours of imprisonment at the notorious so-called central prison under one of the  then sitting justic in the first twelve years of the Unity Party government under the stewardship of Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf holds no absolute alliance to any political group! But, always driven by convictions to speak and write on unfolding issues which got to do with bad governance and misruled in any and all democratic arrangements especially in Liberia!

From where I am currently sitting, listening and reading Liberia don’t want to be reminded of those bad omens which befalls them from regime to regime which in most cases political vampires believed that they can hide behind so-called advocacy grouping due to the godibility of the Liberians people to resurrect!

This group, (cry for justice) in as much it is enshrined in the Liberian constitution that they got every rights to assemble under any name to speak ! They must be reminded Liberians are no more stupid to give in to their pay for play politics which gear toward self empowerment which Liberian has living with since the Country return to civility after her senseless civil wars and not the collective ones for the betterment of the entire Nation !

This group must bear in mind that the  Liberian electorates are aware of the meaning of Liberian politic which state that the actors are ;”THEY ARE BLOOD SUCKING VAMPIRE’S WHOSE COMES TO POWER WITH ULTERIOR MOTIVES”!

As, I rest my pen let it be known to these fly by night advocates to allow sleeping dogs to lie as the scars are still fresh on the minds of Liberians and any attempt to keep reminding them will not be the best option for their so-called political plans of reping from where they Liberia politicians never invested!

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