What’s Happening In Liberia Nowadays Is Scaring, Liberians Speak On Mysterious Death

Photo credit: FPA

Nervousness is seriously becoming the order of the day, and is overwhelming Liberians and foreign residents of recent situation which led to the mysterious death of two officials of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) who were found dead last Friday, October 2, 2020 in a navy Toyota Highlander Jeep seems scaring to all Liberians.

According to report, the mysterious death of both Mr. Albert Peters and Madam Gifty Asmah Lama pondered many Liberians and some foreign residents on this latest disaster; taken the lives of people who were believed to be fighters of corruption in Liberia, especially when it was reportedly discovered that one of the victims who took along his two laptops reportedly containing important documents on several auditing reports were also taken away by the alleged assassins.

According to family sources, Mr. Peters left his house on Thursday morning, September 30th, 2020 with the hope of going for official business, but unfortunately was found death along with his co-worker, Madam Lama in that vehicle, a situation which scared residents of Monrovia.

As a result of this situation, some residents of Monrovia who tearfully spoke to the GNN pondered over such ‘Unusual happenings’, while at the same time expressing serious disappointment over President George Weah’s last Sunday sermon where he spoke about ‘Boyfriend and Girlfriend’ and bad people who were deported from the United States instead of referencing the police of its investigation regarding the mysterious death of these victims.

“The President should not have come out with a conclusion that the death of the two were a result of  a boyfriend and a girlfriend issue, and people who were reportedly deported from the United States who did bad things are in the country to do similar. This statement made by the President was wronged as a leader of our country,” Jasica Wilson speaking to the GNN said.

“The President made a very big misstate by being the first to conclude that what happened that led to the death of the two prominent Liberians was a result of boyfriend and girlfriend, this statement made by the Liberian leader is totally out of orders, he should have waited for the police to release its findings before coming out,” Nathaniel Karngar of Sinkor also noted.

Liberians who spoke to the GNN are saying the same thing being said by the previous speakers, but urged the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah not to be in haste in speaking on issues that are security related, instead must always be careful in speaking on such.

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