Western Cluster announces Empowerment of 25  Youths

Joseph Coelho CEO of Western Cluster, has announced a three-month training program for 25 young individuals from the county, aimed at equipping them with skills to operate heavy duty machines. This initiative according to him, underscores Western Cluster’s commitment to youth development. Mr. Coelho emphasized that after the program, graduates will have immediate employment opportunities with the company.

At the same time, the WCL CEO has disclosed that an agreement has also been reached with Bomi Community College to train individuals at the certificate level in partnership with the T-VET department. He said this plan will help young people be prepare for the market. Additionally, Mr.  Coelho has revealed plans to send 20 young people to India for mining studies, reinforcing the company’s dedication to future workforce development.

Speaking at the World Environmental Day celebration,  on May 5, 2024, Mr. Coelho reiterated Western Cluster’s commitment to infrastructure development and investment, including over three million US dollars for the Bomi-Monrovia highway. In terms of environmental sustainability, he said Western Cluster is engaged in sustainable mining practices, focusing on the cultivation of trees and crops to help improve the agriculture sector in the county.

Meanwhile, Mr. Joseph Coelho has expressed gratitude to the Liberian government for lifting their road user permit and pledged adherence to all conditions set forth. He said with the lifting if the suspension, he is convinced that the Liberian government is willing to work with them.

At the same time, Bomi County Superintendent Miatta Dorly has commended Western Cluster for its developmental initiatives, highlighting their positive impact on the county’s residents. She praised job creation efforts and endorsed the company’s sustainable mining approach to enhance food security. Speaking at the program marking the celebration of world Environmental Day, Hon. Dorly said with involvement of WCL into the agriculture sector, the county would grow more foods and could become independent in terms of food security.

While at the program, Superintendent Dorly welcomed the government’s decision to lift the road user permit for  WCL and urged citizens to support Western Cluster’s ore transportation efforts to Monrovia.

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