“We’re Waiting For Him, Let Him Come To Contest”, Grand Gedeans On Rep Kolubah’s Bid To Contest In The County

From Albert Toe, Jr. |GNN Correspondent | Grand Gedeh County |

Montserrado County District # 10, Representative Yekeh Kolubah, “I Will Contest In Grand Gedeh County”

Following his unceremonious departure recently from Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County amid anti-demonstration by dozens of youths in the City of Zwedru for regular insults against the Liberian presidency, Montserrado County District # 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah disclosed to the media of his intent to run for a legislative seat in the County.

In a communication recently addressed to the Chairman of the Collaborative Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Representative Kolubah claimed that citizens of Grand Gedeh have requested him to partake in the mid-term senatorial election.

“The people have petitioned me to contest for the Senate. I will get back to them with a positive response when I get back to Grand Gedeh next week. I believed that the people of Grand Gedeh are not fully represented”, he told journalists.

But some citizens who spoke to our Grand Gedeh County Correspondent, openly said Representative Yekeh Kolubah is looking for more trouble, noting his quest in the county will be thwarted by the people of the County.

“Representative Kolubah is day dreaming, we cannot forsake anyone for his business, especially when we are aware of the kind of character he has; Grand Gedeh County is not a dumping site for people like Kolubah”, Mary S. Gaye, a resident of Zwedru City speaking to the GNN in a rather serious mood noted.

Similar views of Madam Gaye were also expressed by others, adding that despite Representative Kolubah being married to their sister who also hired from the county does not mean he has the right to do anything in the county, “It has to meet the approval of the majority of our people before such can happen”, Abraham Zulu, who is also a resident of the City of Zwedru in a chat with our reporter said.

The million dollars questions that are been flipped on the lips of many in the County is will this really happen for Representative Kolubah to be accepted in that part of the country? This guess is for everyone to ponder over.

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